Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sick? Pregnant?

So not feelin' all that hot today. Kinda was down yesterday too. We drove up to Phoenix for MIL's birthday and after lunch out, I just needed to lay down for a nap - so tired, headache and tummy ache. Then out to the pool for a swim, and about 30 mins into it DH looks down and he is covered in rash. He got out and we got him fixed up with Benadryl, but everyone else got out then too. Quick relax, then back on the road to come home.

Woke up this morning and just wasn't feeling going swimming, but when I got on the scale it was high, so that meant I went. Did okay for a while then decided I was done. Tummy started hurting again and kinda felt like cramps, and just awful tired. So I swam an hour instead of 1.5 hours. Still swam. Hit Trader Joe's for some bran muffins and produce, then home and took a nap. Pretty lazy day, just didn't feel good and still don't. So I am heading to bad. Hoping this isn't a cold or flu, but something else better. Wednesday will tell I guess. Night!

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