Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 10 and 11 month birthdays!

My dearest Reese,
By now you have learned that Mommy really doesn't have as much time to blog anymore with you around.  She still blogs in her head, but it never seems to make it onto the computer.  So here's your 10 and 11 month letters.  I can't believe that in just a few short weeks you will be a year old.  Blows my mind!

Let's see, what happened from when you turned 9 months old to 10 months old?  A LOT!

She squishes up her face when she is "really" smiling!  It's so funny!

You are growing like a weed and maturing too.  You also are learning how to grab Mommy and Daddy's attention and "fake cry." Fairy Godmother came back for a visit and she couldn't believe how much you had changed!  Dad was getting really tired of your "comb-over" getting in your face so you had your first haircut, but just it was done by Dad and just so you wouldn't have hair in your face.  The official first hair cut will come later.

Probably the biggest development was when you started eating more finger foods and less pureed foods.  We went to a funeral of one of Mommy's clients and at the reception afterwards, you couldn't get enough of the cooked carrots.  Great-Grandpa Einck would have been proud!  Other foods you ate this month were cheerios, Ritz crackers and peaches. 

You also got your first ear infection, which was quickly followed by your second ear infection on the other side.  Boo.  You've had a cough for a while and we just can't get it to go away.  We've been to the doc a number of times, and you are always deemed healthy, just with a cough that could be related to allergies, or the weather, or a cold.  It pains us to see you cough, but thankfully you aren't miserable.  Due to all the illnesses thought, Dad actually had to stay home with you one day because Mommy was getting close to missing too much work.  You trained him well and he did fine, but he admitted it was "emotionally exhausting" especially when you didn't want to nap or eat.  Mommy has been telling him this all along!

We also started some baby sign language.  You've got waving down like a pro, but we wanted to add in signs like "Mommy" and "Daddy" and "more."  You realize we're doing something different, but just don't quite get it yet.  However, clapping you have now mastered!!!  And the first time you did it, we were visiting Nana and Papa.  They were so excited about that!  Daddy also taught you to high-five.  And you have mastered that too!

The toughest part of this time period for Mommy was making the determination that it was time to stop nursing.  My milk was lacking more and more and I was beginning not to enjoy it at all.  Plus you decided that chewing (while you were nursing) was a fun activity!  Mommy DID NOT agree!  So after a few days of contemplating, we decided to call it a day and stop nursing.  It was great while it lasted, but it was time to move on. 

 Happy girl in Great-Grandpa's rocker!

So cute!

Now on to what happened from month 10 to month 11...
You were still fighting whatever cold we cannot get rid of.  The humidifier has become a staple in your room and we put Vick's on your chest and feet almost every night.  Thankfully you are still a happy girl, just with the occasional runny nose and cough.

You experienced your first snow, which I also think contributed to the continuing cold you have been fighting.  It doesn't snow in Arizona often, so when it does, it practically shuts down the city!

My favorite part of this time was you LEARNING TO CRAWL!  First it was with Mama pulling a toy away that you lunged after it.  Then it was all by yourself to a toy!  And thankfully I got both on video!  What would we do without smartphones? It was amazing and exciting! (To those who get this via email, click the title of the blog to go to the online version to see the video.)

You also started to pull yourself up to a standing position in your crib, which meant it was time to lower your crib down, which led to re-arranging your room for various reasons.  You would pull yourself up in the crib then let go and flop back down to the mattress.  I was sure you were going to hurt yourself, but you were having a ball.  And now, outside the crib you can stand for multiple seconds on your own.

11 month pics - getting harder and harder to get her to stay still!

 You are eating more and more food, pureed and not.  We added blackberries, cranberries, cherries, pasta and turkey to your menu this month.  Some you liked, some you didn't.  But all you at least tried.

When you are babbling, you have started to adding a melody of sorts to the words.  Daddy and I call it "singing" because that is what it sounds like.  It is so cute to hear.

You still resist naps at daycare, but sleep well at home and at night.  They can only do so much to help you nap, so we just try to make sure you get enough rest at night and when you are home with us. 

We read a couple books every night and sing some songs.  You usually go to sleep without any crying and really quickly.  What a difference a few months and some patience makes!

 Ready for school pictures!

Overall, it's been a crazy few months!  But our love for you has continued to grow.  I look forward to your smile on my way home from work every day!  I love that your Dad makes you laugh so hard.  But most of all, I love you with all my heart and so much more.  You are my angel.  You are my love.  You are my Monkey!

And I really can't believe that in a few short weeks, you will be 1!