Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy 6, and 7 month birthdays Reese!

Anyone see a trend?  Last time I had to do 2 month birthdays, and here it is again! And number 8 is fast approaching.  I keep lists in my phone about milestones, because surely by now I would have forgotten some!  So here goes...

My dearest Reese,
You are so very loved!  I don't think that I knew I was capable of loving someone this much.  Especially someone I have only known for such a short period of time.  Things that were so important in the past pale in comparison to spending time with you! Let's review the last few months shall we?

So what did you do from your fifth month of life to your sixth?

You started sleeping on your belly consistently and loving it.  That also means that you no longer sleep in your swaddler, you sleep in pajamas every night.  You started to sleep about 9 straight hours at night. 

You pet our kitty (lovingly called "Psycho Cat") and she didn't hiss or really even care.  You had your first trip to Costco with Mommy and we both survived.  You rolled from your back to your belly totally unassisted.  You recognize your own name and respond, as well as recognize Nana, Papa, Gma and Grandpa. 

You tried new foods including squash and green beans (plus others Mommy forgot to write down). And you weighed in at a healthy 16 lbs, 3 oz and 26 inches long!  Boy are you growing my little angel!

Here's your picture for your 6th month!
You kinda look like, "what is going on here?"

On your 6 month birthday, you actually reached for Mommy (me) and I did a little happy dance.  You wanted me!

You tried more new foods including bananas, pears, apple juice, prune juice, carrots, pumpkin, whole milk yogurt and even a few essential oils.  (Kept track better!)  We had a bout of constipation which is why the prune juice got added in to your milk and that helped a lot. 

When Daddy takes you to bed at night, you turn on the hallway light while he holds you and you think you are a rock star!  Which to us you are! 

We had a bit of a scare one night when the humidifier in your room set off your smoke alarm and while it woke you up, you went right back to sleep without any tears or fussing. 

You also had your first Halloween and of course you had some special clothes for the occasion.

 This is probably Mommy's favorite outfit.  And look at you sit up in your rocking chair all by yourself.  That was a first too!
 You wore this to school and were a lady bug!
 Nana and Papa took this picture on Halloween while you were dressed up as a monkey! 
Cutest monkey ever!
You also had a black cat dress, but I didn't take a picture of that one.
And we learned that you throughly love your Jumperoo.  You can't touch the carpet yet so we put a little pad under it so your feet could touch, but after that you jump all around!  It is so fun to watch!
And you hit 17 lbs!  Holy cow!  No wonder Mommy's arms hurt some days carrying you around!
Here's your 7th month picture!!!
What do you have in store for us - I know a few things - but we've got 2 weeks left to figure out what's going on until your next month!

We love you so much little girl!  We can't wait to see you grow and mature so fast!