Lil Ole Me?

My husband, Jason, and I have been together since 2002, married since 2004, and TTC since 2007. Thus far, all the docs tell us is we are perfectly healthy and should conceive anytime. In March 2009, our RE said I MAY have Endometriosis which is causing the pain and could be the issue and that I need to lose 10 lbs to see if my Estrogen jumps a bit (I did that, and still nothing). So we deal with that on a monthly basis! As well as, watching all our friends have kids, be wonderful parents, and thus far, not being able to add to that lot. Hopefully in 2010, that will change!

In 2009, we did 3 Artificial Inseminations (also called IUI) with fertility drugs and constant monitoring by Dr. H.  Nothing stuck.  As my 30th birthday rolled around, we decided it was time for a break - that was November.  We haven't really gotten back into the baby-making mode...just enjoying a break from the stress! I'm hoping that God will help us out and we won't need to move to the next step...IVF!

This blog has a lot of different topics, the main once which is Infertility.  But I talk about everything...weightloss - or gain, silly husbands, vacations, my CFP test coming up...etc etc.  So stick around and enjoy!