Better Binders By Niki - Baby

Each 1.5" binder is covered in a cotton fabric that is really soft and durable, plus some batting underneath to make it more durable.  All covers can be removed and washed should they get dirty!

Inside, each binder is a large pocket to keep a pen, post-its, whatever suits your fancy.
It is SUPER organized...anyone who knows me will know that's how I roll.  
Here's just a pic of some of the dividers and the tabs that are within the dividers.

Some additional things in it that aren't photographed are:
  • A business card holder for all your docs (OB, pediatrician, RE, acupuncturist, etc.)
  • Bunches of checklists of things to do pre-birth, post birth and after year 1
  • Charts to document anything you can fathom - cravings, doctor visits, baby names, baby gear, etc.
  • Sheet protectors to hold whatever you want - doctor bills, insurance cards, articles, photos, anything!
  • A couple articles about important things
  • A list of helpful books and websites
  • Love and relief.  Concentrating on this has really helped me calm down a bit about all the stuff that stressed me out previously with TTC.  I built this binder with love that someday I will have a child/children to use it with and I can help women out there with the vast amount of stuff they will get during their pregnancy.
Now where can you purchase this binder when you need it for you or for a friend?  You just email me at!  You have your choice of the fabrics I have.  Each binder is $50 payable in cash or via Paypal.  If you just want the binder cover itself, no binder or organization stuff, it is $20.

Here's a testimonial from someone who has one!  Busted Kate  She reviewed it a bit.

I'm working on getting new fabrics, but the fabric I like isn't cheap so I try to stock up when it goes on sale.  Let's just say the next time it is on sale, watch out!  I also have some fabric for you University of Arizona fans out there, and it was pricier so if you would like a binder of that it will be a bit more expensive.

COMING SOON:  Wedding Binder