Reviews of Better Binders

From Vonda at

So I stumbled upon this blog last year sometime and I’ve been reading it ever since! Of course I am talking about I feel like I know Niki, maybe its because I feel like she writes like she knows me! Anyways, in her blog writing she’s talked about the binder she uses to keep herself organized. Now don’t get me wrong, I am actually a pretty organized mom, if for any other reason I have a couple of boys that are extremely involved and it’s my job to get them where they need to be when they need to be there!

But me myself, not so organized… I wait til the last minute for everything if its just about me… I guess it’s the nature of taking care of others first! So like I said I have a busy crazy life with my hubby and boys… the only thing missing is a sweet baby girl. A couple of years ago I finally convinced my husband to let us try one more time for another baby. The problem is that I had my tubes tied after my little guy and so we knew it was going to be an ordeal. I won't bore you with the details, I will just tell you its been a messy adventure… We now know that our only safe option is IVF. After we learned that, I remembered Niki’s binder and decided I probably needed to be a whole lot more organized…

Niki was awesome to work with and had my binder to me in no time. We are moving forward with our treatments soon and I already feel relieved just having the last 2 years documented nice and neat! She customized my binder for me, I picked the fabric, what years I wanted represented and she even put an extra tab for in there for ‘baby year 1’. She thought of everything, all the information I could ever need is now at my fingertips. She personalized my binder in every way, one of my favorites though is the personal note in the front of the binder and the very sweet handwritten thank you card. Thanks Niki for helping this girl organize her steps to realizing her baby dreams. I love that you took your idea and made it available for other women who need simplicity in what can a difficult time!

From Heather at 9/25/11:

Fertility Binder 
Niki’s binder with all the inspirational words around it.I have to admit it. I am a pretty messy person. My papers are pretty much in a mess. I have an overflowing filing cabinet. My records of my fertility journey have been scattered in various places all over the house.

It’s funny the way opposites attract because Brett is the exact opposite. His clothes have to be hung in certain places. He keeps everything recorded in spreadsheets. My clothes are pretty much a mess, but I have, inspired by him, started keeping my expenses in a spreadsheet too. It doesn’t mean the figures balance, but at least I am writing them down!

Well the time has come to create some order. For the past year we have been enjoying a maid who is keeping the house in a much better shape than it was before. My clothes are neatly folded and the place is clean.

Trying to create order when I am naturally a bit chaotic is hard for me, but I’m thrilled to keep all my fertility records in style with Niki’s fertility binder.

Let’s back up and tell you a bit about Niki. Every now and then I come across a blogger who I really like and click with, and Niki is one of those. I just enjoy reading her updates. She writes the most detailed posts. She has just been through IVF and she really gave us the blow-by-blow version. She even took pictures of all her meds. She even wrote down all the numbers involved. Here is an organised person. I got to thinking I need more of her spirit in my life.

Niki is not only very organised, she also is creative and talented. She makes binders. She makes fertility binders and baby binders. Oh, and according to her website, coming soon: the wedding binder!! I love the cover so much. Apart from the inspirational words it is so soft and it’s like a much needed warm hug.

Niki has dividers so that you can sort your fertility life out:

-a little pocket in the front for a pen

 -a poem

-business card holder




-Test Results

-and then the years: I was pretty specific about what I wanted when I asked her for one. I started with 2007-2009, then 2010, 2011 and 2012. Here’s hoping this journey will not last past 2012.

-Extra info and master copies. She has info on what to eat, charting, and extra copies of other stuff. You have to get it to see!

I think the best part for me was the personal note in the front about what was inside and how the binder came to be. So personal and true. And she even put a thank you card in for me! She’s such a nice person I can’t hold it against her that she is pregnant on her first IVF. In fact I want the same good fortune for myself.

I have to copy out the poem. You guys will love this:
If you can keep your happy face when all about you
Are announcing pregnancies and blaming faulty condoms
If you can remain calm when forever told to ?just relax?
Yet make allowances for the naivety of the fertile
If you believe you’ll achieve conception, despite your own body’s effective contraception
Or you’ll carry a child, and not give way to miscarriage
Or allow your men to pause, without fear of hitting the menopause
And don’t panic at the tick of the biological clock
If you can talk at baby showers, and keep your tears in check
If you can read IF, without seeing the word infertile
If you can plan more than nine months hence
And not be stifled with thoughts of ?maybe..?
But enjoy what happens day by day without mourning the life you planned
If you can meet your period and a positive ovulation and treat those two the same
If you can fill an unsuccessful cycle with 28 more days of hope and love
If you can be pumped full of hormones and remain unmoved
Not crying more, nor allowing yourself to dream
Then yours one day will be the child, and all the love born from sacrifice
And- which is more- you’ll no longer be infertile.
And you’ll be doing a hell of a lot better than me.

by Liz

From Busted Kate at on 8/27/10:
Speaking of the I'm not worthy kind of kindness from a fellow Infertile, check this out.  I've mentioned my friend Niki on here many many times, ya?  Click on her name.... she's the super gorgeous lady!  I know what you're thinking right, someone that pretty doesn't have to be nice?  But guess what, she's also ridiculous nice and kind and sweet.  I'm lucky to have met her, she's been a good friend. 

Despite her complete-kindness-to-the-core nature, I still thought it might be too much to hope that she's even want to see me on the regular since I got preggoed.  No hard feelings, I would have completely understood.  Not only does she still like me, but she even volunteered to help with my SHOWER.  Seriously.  I was touched, and honored... if I may get all mushy here.

Not only that, but she HAND MADE me a... drumroll please... pregnancy binder!!!  What in the what?!  I don't know what I did to bring these awesome people into my life, but I'm grateful every day. 

Check it out:

Super cute handmade cloth cover in adorable butterfly print.  Handy little tab dividers.

Places for me to stick pregnancy photos, ultrasound photos, doctor's test results, personal notes... Because apparently the floor of the car is not a good long-term plan.

Even a little built in zipper pocket!  A great hiding place for contraband... er... preggie pops.

I know it took her a lot of time to assemble this thing.  It doesn't take long for someone to realize I am completely disorganized (I prefer to think of it as "quirky" and "spastic").  So this really was a lifesaver. 

And guess what?  Niki is making them for others too.  NOTE!  Niki did not ask me to write about this on my blog.  I don't get any cut from any sales.  She made a binder for her own fertility treatment organization purposes, and made me this preggo binder to be a nice friend.  I yelled at her to make more and put them on her website, because they really are awesome and I think a lot of people need something like this.  And I'm saying to you that if you are TTC, going through fertility treatment or currently preggo and need some organization, CLICK RIGHT HERE!!!

Thanks, Niki :-)