Better Binders By Niki - Fertility

Each 1.5" binder is covered in a cotton fabric that is really soft and durable, plus some batting underneath to make it more durable.  All covers can be removed and washed should they get dirty!

Fabrics available at this time are:

Inspiring Words
Beautiful Butterflies 

Inside, each binder is a large pocket to keep a pen, post-its, whatever suits your fancy.
It is SUPER organized...anyone who knows me will know that's how I roll.  
Here's just a pic of some of the dividers and the tabs that are within the dividers.

Front of binder

 Bucket list for you to write out for "other" things to concentrate on

Some inspirational quotes to keep you inspired

Ideas for stress relief (who doesn't need that!) courtesy of Volleyball Queen

A Basal Body Temperature Chart (I realize a lot of you are way past this, but figured I would include it just in case - there's a master copy so you can make as many copies as you need)

Calendars to get you through all the month with calculating what your Cycle day is, what stage you are on, and a bunch of other things.  Three different master copies in different colors for you to work from.

Fertility History Summary sheet for quick reference and cost tracking

Books and websites that have helped me and others (Volleyball Queen again!) Plus a couple that are infertility humor to keep you laughing.

Some additional things in it that aren't photographed are:
  • A business card holder for all your docs (OB, pediatrician, RE, acupuncturist, etc.)
  • An Inspirational Poem from a fellow Infertile
  • Sheet protectors to hold whatever you want - doctor bills, insurance cards, articles,  anything!
  • Love and relief.  
  • This binder will also be personalized to meet your needs.  I realize that everyone is in a different place with this process.  So we can discuss what dividers you actually need.  I'll make it suit you!
Now where can you purchase this binder when you need it for you or for a friend?  You just email me at!  You have your choice of the fabrics I have.  Each binder is $40 payable in cash or via Paypal.  If you just want the binder cover itself, no binder or organization stuff, it is $20.

I'm working on getting new fabrics, but the fabric I like isn't cheap so I try to stock up when it goes on sale.  Let's just say the next time it is on sale, watch out!  I also have some fabric for you University of Arizona fans out there, and it was pricier so if you would like a binder of that it will be a bit more expensive.

COMING SOON:  Wedding Binder