Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whoa...anyone still out there?!

Hello? Heeeeeelllllllllllllooooooo? Is aanyone there?

It appears motherhood has taken me captive Bleeps! I have a few excuses this time.
1. We went through a period (blissful) where Reese was sleeping through the night for about 2.5 weeks. So since that's when I have time to blog, instead I was sleeping.That has since stopped...more on that in a bit.
2. We took our first road trip, where Reese caught a little cold...cough and stuffy nose. And got off her sleep!!
3. I thought there was a third, but only two come to mind right now.

When we left our story last, we had seemingly settled into a great routine where Reese would eat, play and sleep within every 3 hour time frame, except at night where she'd sleep 8-9 hours at a time. She was happy. And I was really happy.

J was offered a much better job (about the same pay but 10 times better working conditions) so he left the company he has been with for 11 years!! In that transition, he had some time off, so we went to Pinetop (about 4 hours North of where we live and 20 degrees cooler) where my parents happened to be renting a condo for a few weeks. We'd been wanting to go but with J having no time off didn't think it would happen. Timing worked out and we skedaddled out of town for a few days before J started his new job.

And that's where our problem seemingly started. Reese was really upset about being in the carseat that long, so we stopped more often and eventually I moved to be with her in the back seat. She slept the first half of our drive, but not nearly enough the 2nd half. That night was rough because she was sleeping in the pack-n-play which she's never done. The first day was very relaxing but her schedule really got out of whack. Friday, after a rough night of coughing and congestion, I called the doc to see how to help her on a Friday. They recommended saline for her nose (which we had already done) and Vick's Baby Rub on her chest/neck/back and sitting with her in the steamy bathroom to clear her up. Did all that and got a little more sleep that night but she remained congested the rest of our trip...and still is. I've since called the doc a few more times to make sure there's no reason to bring her in because they can't do anything for her. They tell me we're doing everything right and they can't give her antibiotics because its a cold and she's never had a fever. Poor stuffy girl!

I attribute the poor sleeping to that. I know I don't sleep well when I'm congested and laying flat on my back. We're also creeping up on her 4 month birthday which (according to the books) typically means a growth spurt. I feel like she's eating more these days, but she's also distracted by everything and it's work to get her to focus and EAT!! We went from getting up not at all back to twice a night. I've tried letting her self soothe (which I know she knows how to do) and the only thing that gets her to sleep is milk.

Daycare has said she is "overtired." I have and will tell them again that she is very social and unless extracted from the situation, will not go to sleep. I know her face when she's tired, but usually her eyes are wide open. She is a great faker at staying awake. So when we go back next week I will tell them again that every 90 minutes she needs to be taken out of activity and rocked a bit, then put in her crib. Then she'll sleep. Oy!! The regular lady is out of town and the fill ins haven't figured Reese out or aren't hearing me when I tell them these things!!

Hopefully, once Reese is not congested (if that day ever comes...this cold has been around for-ev-er, which doc says is normal) we'll go back to our old schedule. Reese has her 4 month appointment next week and 3 more shots!! Poor baby annd poor Mommy!!

So that should have you up to speed on us. Hope you are all well, if anyone is still out there. There's a post coming on Reese's 3 month changes I promise.

Oh and before I forget, we passed a couple landmark dates in my book. July 28th was the 1 year anniversary of when I had 2 embryos put in my uterus. And August 8th was the 1 year anniversary of when Holly H. told us we were pregnant. And look where we are now!! So very grateful for what happened last year, even though the result causes us (mostly me) to sleep less.

Night folks!!