Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That's all I got - OY! 

It's that time of the month dear Bleaders...yup, THAT time.  I was feeling out of sorts on Tuesday and hopefully that a Ms. Bitch wouldn't show this month, but, she did!  Bright and early this morning like a tornado ripping through my uterus.  I think I have been kind of blase about peeing on a stick lately, but I kind of anticipated doing it this morning.  Something felt different.  Could it be that I was nauseous on Tuesday and a couple other days this month?  Who knows.  But alas, AF reared her ugly head this morning and I considered staying in bed for the day.  It was probably the worst I have felt in months.

I did manage to crawl from the bed to the shower, and get ready for work.  But once there, I didn't know how I would make it through the afternoon.  I was trying to decipher what work I could do from my bed at home.  I think I even threw up in my mouth a little bit today - sorry, that's gross, but that is how bad it was today.  I went to lunch and that made me feel a lot better, also getting away a bit and not concentrating on the chainsaw hacking at my stomach helped.  Then I managed to get a lot of work done this afternoon.

I think I am slowly getting back to the point of being ready to "try" as we have been on hiatus for quite some time now.  Part of it is probably that my Mom is being inducted to my company's Hall of Fame in August and one of my dreams was to have the president of the company tell her our good news...well, that isn't gonna happen now because there is no way I'll be pregnant by the ceremony.  Cross that one off the list of fun ways to tell the family!  For whatever reason, I have been sadder this month than the last few about this particular issue.  I don't know that I have reason, except that maybe July 2010 marks our 3 year of trying mark and that isn't a goal I hoped to ever get to.

I do have some things to be very appreciative for though...the Universe was watching out for me in some respect.  Yesterday, I received a belated "thank you" card from my friend who had her baby last month and I had made a blanket for (the one described in this post).  It was the sweetest message and it was just the right day to receive it.  I keep all the cards that people send me when I make them a blanket.  It made me happy.  Thanks dearest Anna! 

I ditched the gym on Monday and today on account of being so tired and then this morning in so much pain, that my trainer emailed me to see if I was okay.  He's so sweet to worry and I emailed him back to say it wasn't the workout he gave me, just that my body didn't like me very much right now.  Also directed him to Monday's blog about the event at the river.  Then he understood a bit more and was understanding and sympathetic as always.  Couldn't ask for a better trainer!

Then today, not only did I get to have lunch with one of my dearest friends, her sister, her mother and my friend's MIL, but my friend reiterated that her belly was still available if we needed it.  In addition to her sister's...although, I don't quite know if her sister knows she offered it to me! But knowing this family, she probably would...they are just that awesome.  And currently I call them my sisters.  So if we got to this point, they truly would be.  We're not there yet, but I cannot express what an awesome gift that is to have two people that I love so dearly offer to give me not only a portion of their body, but a portion of their lives so we could have a child.  I really hope I don't need to take them up on it and we can get this done ourselves, but if we need to at least I don't need to find a belly!  Thanks my lovely Ledford sisters!

And on that note, I am heading to bed for some more pain killers to top off the ice cream I had after dinner, a little reading, and then a lot of sleep before I attempt boot camp tomorrow.  Night my dears!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My day on the river

There is one thing that the title means...Tubing on the Salt River.  There is only one river in Arizona...okay, there really isn't, but for Tucsonan's the Salt is as close as it gets and is probably a tradition for people of Tucson, especially college age.  Even though I am a native, I have never been.  I have always heard horror stories about tubing down the Salt River consisting of major sun burns, near drownings or drownings, cliff dives gone awry, to name a few.  So while many of my friends and family went, I always found a reason not to.  I think what it came down to was I was scared and I didn't trust the random folks that invited me along.

Well, that all changed this weekend.  Our friends, Heather and Matt, invited us along with some other friends we knew (Will and Colleen) and friends-to-be we didn't (Kristin, Vinnie and Nicole).  After a lot of banter between J and I, we decided we would go.  We met at Heather and Matt's house at 8 am (really early for me on Saturday - my only sleep in day of the week!) and trekked with 2 vehicles holding Heather, Matt, Nicole, Vinnie, Kristin, J and myself for the 2 hour trip to Mesa, AZ for the river experience.

It is big business.  There is a company that rents out tubes and bus rides, but we opted to buy or borrow our own tubes and set up our own shuttle service.  We met Will and Colleen at the place because they live in Phoenix.  After a bit more banter, we figured out our shuttle system, leaving one vehicle at the last stop that was the biggest (Will's) with our towels and "after the river" needed items.  We shuttled them to the top and began our adventure.

First there was the pumping of the tubes, which took F-O-R-E-V-E-R it seemed - after all, we had 6 tubes to air up (5 singles, 2 dual tubes, and a cooler tube).  We had left Tucson at 8:30 am or so, and after the 2 hour drive to Mesa, plus the hour or so it took to air the tubes, get situated and get them in the water, we began about 11:30 am. 

I had bought water shoes because the bottom of the river is mostly rocks, not sand, and was a bit treacherous.  We got on the river and it was quite nice.  At first, there were a few of us tied together, but we quickly got away from the others, so we held up (by holding onto plants in the water until they caught up to us) and then tied ourselves together.  So now we had 7 people, and a cooler, floating down the river together.  We had mostly slow currant, but a couple little rapids where everyone had to lift their butts out of the water to avoid the rocks creating the rapids.
This is one of the rapids.  That's J on the left with his funny hat that prevented face sunburn!

We saw deer....I mean horses!  Sorry, Nicole - couldn't resist!  So, yes, there's a story.  As we came around one of the curves, there was a couple animals drinking water.  The leader at the time was Nicole and she exclaimed, "Oh, look at the deer!"  Tell me, is this a deer behind her?

No, it is not.  So it became a long standing joke as we saw more horses, even one I questioned later in the trip, but turned out to be a colt.  She will never live that down.

The trip was supposed to be 3 hours long, or about.  About hour 2, I was getting concerned because we were supposed to pass a bridge which was the half-way point, and it was nowhere to be seen.  We finally got there, about hour 3...anyone keeping track?  The bridge was the half-way point of the WHOLE 3-hour trip!  So we continued on our merry way.  We would hit shallow areas where we would get out and walk a bit, or a couple people would pull us.  We would hit deep areas that seemed to stop us cold and a couple of us would start to paddle, or get out and kick.  But one or two people kicking 7 at times doesn't go very far.  But we were having a great time...chatting, watching the beautiful scenery, re-applying sunscreen every 30 minutes or so (I hope!) and drinking just a little bit.

We ran into a lot of different people...girls in very small bikinis, men with very big bellies, people with large stereos, people that were wasted, families with kids, college kids that were having a lot of fun and not applying enough sunscreen, a few guys on kayaks that were helpful along the way, to name a few.  We talked with a couple.  We avoided a couple.  We laughed at more than a couple.  I questioned my thought to wear a bikini, but when we got there I felt like I was one of the few who should  be wearing a bikini!  

I got to a point where I was pretty close to being done with the whole trip about hour 5.  I was tired, hungry, hot (even though the water was lovely), my shoes would fall off every time I hopped into the water, and it was a little too long outside for me.  I wasn't mad or angry, just ready for the river trip to be over.  It was right about this time that we ran into a tree.  Well, I didn't, Matt seemed to get the brunt of it and we bounced off him.  See below! 
It was quite humorous.  Sorry Matt!

Then came the thing that took my breath away.  We had been watching the clouds as the day drew on and slowly began to notice dark clouds wandering our way.  We were watching for lightening (having been AZ kids and knowing about the monsoons and things that ensued afterwards - including flash floods).  They seemed to draw closer, but still no lightening and definitely no thunder.  So we tried not to worry.  Then we began to notice clouds coming at us from the other direction, which could have met the other dark clouds in the middle and I for one began to worry a bit more.  I tried to paddle and instigate others to do the same, but no one could hear me or seemed that worried.  Anyway, I started to get on edge a bit.  But tried to calm myself down as much as I could.  

Our tube had been losing air the whole way, and it seemed at this point to be getting a lot worse.  At one point, we hit a little bit of rapids that was incredibly shallow and we got stuck.  J got out and I followed, but when I did, both my shoes came undone (they were velcro) and I leaned down to try to get them back on my feet.  After trying to do that, I realized the water was moving incredibly fast and I still hadn't sufficiently caught my footing, so I decided we had gotten ourselves away from the shallow area enough and decided to hop back on the tube.  Just as I did, some of the others crashed into me and flipped our now almost empty tube over.  I was quickly washed away and tried to get my footing, but was very unsuccessful due to the slippery rocks and the quick rapids.  All the tubes quickly slipped over me and our group passed me by.  I started to move on my belly along the rocks (kinda painful) and bypass the group and keep my head above the probably 8" to 12" water.  People were throwing their hands out to me but no one seemed quick enough.  I remember going under at one point and seeing Vinnie at the very end...I heard his fiance yell at him to grab me and saw his hand outstrech towards me as he stepped out of his tube.  It took all my might to reach towards him, keep my head above water, and actually touch him.  He was able to grab me and pull me away from the slick rocks that had been beating my legs and belly up.  I got my footing and finally was able to catch my breath for a bit.  But by now my tube was further away, so I hopped onto a empty tube and just held on as everyone else got situated and caught their breath from my adventure.  J told me we had lost everything in our cooler (thankfully, our keys and important items were clipped to the tube, so they hadn't floated away).  Matt had gotten out to walk at that point, I ended up in his tube.  We found him a bit later down the way, holding most of our lost items, the only things he didn't find were a t-shirt and hand towel I had brought, but he did find our water bottles, sunscreen etc.  He hopped in my tube with J which was mostly deflated at this point for the rest of the ride.

The river trip still continued and didn't seem to ever end.  We finally found the end of it and all scurried off, happy to be done.  By now it was 6 pm...yes, we had been on the river for 6.5 hours!  It had been a long day with a lot of sun, water, little food, some alcohol and more excitement than I had bargained for.  We got the tubes off and carted everything up the bank to the awaiting car, which now had a ticket!  We couldn't find the place to pay for a park pass, so had seen another vehicle with a ticket and I discovered it was only for $6 which was what the park pass fee was, so opted for that way.  So, Will had a ticket.  We got everything aired down and piled into Will's Chevy Trailblazer - 7 of us, plus tubes and coolers and headed back to the other two waiting vehicles.  We were hungry and tired.  We got there, dried off, re-loaded, changed (no showers, but changed) and took one last picture before heading away from the River.

Can't beat that back-drop!

Will and Colleen left us to head for home which wasn't far away, but the rest of us were starving, so we headed to find food!  We ended up at a little bar called Uncle Bear's and had nachos, burgers, wings, whatever sounded god - forget the calories!  We were starving.  They probably could have fed us liver and we would have been in heaven!  Then we headed for the long drive home.  Got home about 11:30 pm after dropping our rider off at his house (Matt) and saying goodbye to the others.  After quick showers, and feeding the pups, I was in bed and out cold!  Woke up a little pink (gladly not burnt) and relieved to be home.

I figured with all the work we had put in, I had burnt enough calories to suffice eating anything!  How do you count calories for something like tubing down a river and feeling like you were drowning?! 

What a day!  One I will never forget, and may not want to repeat...except for a couple years!  Overall it was fun, but stopped my heart for about 15 seconds it seemed....possibly a minute!  Glad I survived!

On that note, I'm going back to my glass of wine and then bed!

Friday, July 23, 2010


No, not that kind of "passed" (being a positive pregnancy test - can't take that one yet), but I did pass my 5th CFP test today which was a killer one!  Not to mention that after a little break I took, the computer shut the test down and I thought I was gonna have to start all over again!  But I got it back to where I was...thank GOD!  At that point, I only had 2 questions left!  I didn't even pass by a little bit, I passed by a large margin and the first time....I have a record of having to take these tests twice, but not the last am hopeful that will happen for big nasty in November.


Someone hand me a margarita...I deserve it!  I sweated thru 2 shirts during that test...say it with me...EWWWW!!!!!!!!  The baby tests are over, now for the big mama-jahamma!  WOO WOO!  We are celebrating this weekend....get me away from this computer!

 THANK YOU BLEADERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  I promise not to fully disappear off the planet until at least mid October when I am studying my brains out! 

<3 Bleaders <3 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Overdue update

Well hopefully you have seen the new blog set-up.  I actually kinda liked cleaning it up a bit.  Needed "freshening".  A couple things to update about and then I am hitting the sack...yes, it is 8 pm and I am already thinking about going to be

I may have mentioned at at the beginning of July I started going to a boot camp taught by my trainer friend, Sweet Christine.  She wups my butt twice a week now regularly with anywhere from 3-5 other women.  It's actually really good and encouraging because all the women are great and give lots of motivation.  Here's an action shot!  Running, not my favorite activity by far!

That's me on the left, doing push-ups, or attempting anyway!  Oh, and right behind me is one of my Bleaders!  She knows Busted Kate and that's how she found me...Lobster is her name and she freakin' rocks at boot camp!  It was great to meet someone who reads my blog, but I didn't know!  A first for Nikus!

The first two weeks were brutal and every muscle in my body one point, even my neck muscles hurt.  I was later told that was from the pull-ups and flexing every muscle to hold myself up. I've been doing bootcamp for 3 weeks now and every week I have sustained some kind of injury...not Sweet Christine's fault at all.  First one was a skinned elbow (mat burn), then a bug bite on my calf, and this morning something took a chunk out of my hand.  I didn't notice at the time, but when I came home my pinky knuckly and ring finger knuckle on my right hand were was so swollen.  I iced it down, hoping to help the swelling go away, but it got bigger.  I ended up drawing lines on my hand to monitor the swelling.  It has gone down a lot since this afternoon, but at one point I was considering going to the doc if it didn't get better.  It seems better, but will keep watching it.

Other randomness...I try not to talk about work here, but a bit of stress has been lifted because we hired someone, so that is happy.  Once she's trained, she'll be golden. I can feel it.  Oh, did I mention that I love her like a sister because she is my "sista from anotha motha"?  One of my BFFs.  Turns out she has a freakin' awesome resume and everything we needed!  Happy Nikus!  Now more studying...almost done with #5 test, then I get to study for the last one...aka "big nasty".  Really looking forward to that...NOT!

Feelin' a little odd lately.  I don't know if it is the crazy Tucson weather, or what, but I have been crazy hot lately...then cold, then hot...but mostly hot.  Plus having some cramps and AF isn't due until next week.  And super tired...thus why I am headed to bed at 8 pm...well, now it is 8:50 pm - got sidetracked with news an old friend got sad.  Oh wait, back to me...super clumsy as well lately...and can't type a sentence without an error in it.  Maybe I am just overstressed.  Oh, and I think I have a cold sore coming...can you tell how excited I am?!  You know what is zinging through my brain, but I am very sure that isn't it.  But anything goes awry and that is the first thing I think.

Last note, if you don't know about, you have to check it out.  You subscribe for your city and they send you a coupon everyday for deals in your city.  Thus far, I have purchased breakfast for $20 for $7 at a new restaurant that was awesome, a ghost tour in downtown Tucson (yet to be taken) and laser hair removal for a sweet deal.  I did the laser hair for my about 5 more treatments to go...but what did she ask me..."Is there any chance you could be pregnant?"  Of course, I said, "well...there's always a chance, but if after 3 years of trying - yes this month - it would really not be happy that it would be when I am doing something I shouldn't be if I was pregnant."  We went ahead anyway.  Who knows, maybe it is a side-effect from that.  I doubt it, but my body is wacky!  Oh, and cravings....let me tell you, I have had nachos at least for the past 3 days once or twice a day!  Maybe I am letting my head get the best of me...but I wish something would show up already - even if it is the flu - so I would know what my body is doing!  Don't get excited just yet Bleaders...probably all fluky stuff with no real reason.  And now I am sweating....I give up, I am going to bed!

I lied, here's the last note...we're heading to "the river" this weekend for some tubing.  If you live in Tucson, there is only ONE river...the Salt River.  It is infiltrated with people in inner-tubes and alcohol that float for 2, 3, or 5 hours and burn to a crisp.  I (Tucson native) have never actually gone...shocking - yes.  But we go this weekend with our friends who moved to Tucson about 4 years ago, and have been once before...sad that they have been and I haven't.  Anyway, we have provisions so we don't burn.  But hopefully it will be fun and relaxing and cool.  Now I'm done.  Will tell you about it next week!

Love you Bleaders!

Yes - the blog looks different!

Quick note, and then back to studying! 

I took a little break and updated the look of the blog...probably spurred a little bit by the note I got from my background company "Your background will disappear tomorrow! Sorry!"  That's not very nice!  But it made me try some things and I think it came out for the better...but yes, different!  Still can't quite figure out how to get posts to get emailed to people without my help, (any help is welcome....ahem, BUSTED KATE!).  I did figure out how to add pages and there is now one for the binders!  Will probably have separate ones once a few more are finished, but for now, at least I figured out how to make more than one page!!  I will be more tech savvy...I will be more tech savvy...I will be more tech savvy!

I promise to do a better post later today, but now must return to my beloved books...test #5 looms ahead!

Love you Bleaders more than you know!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The baby binder is born!

Well, I've talked about it and I've thought about it and I've tried it.  Now I've finally done it.  The baby binder has been born and the first one has been dispersed!  (Lucky Busted Kate!)  I know this is an infertility blog, but after the appointment I had with my OB in May (!) I knew I needed to prep a binder that she would have more people apt to buy.  (Plus, I have faith that of my Infertile Myrtles will be pregnant someday!  I really do!)  Thus, being an OB - the baby binder it was!  Don't worry - Trying to Conceive binders are right behind it and almost ready!  To be followed by Wedding Planning binders I think!

Anyway, here's some pictures of the three that I finished.  

Each 1.5" binder is covered in a cotton fabric that is really soft and durable, plus some batting underneath to make it more durable.  All covers can be removed and washed should they get dirty!

Inside, each binder is a large pocket to keep a pen, post-its, whatever suits your fancy.
It is SUPER organized...anyone who knows me will know that's how I roll.  
Here's just a pic of some of the dividers and the tabs that are within the dividers.

Some additional things in it that aren't photographed are:
  • A business card holder for all your docs (OB, pediatrician, RE, acupuncturist, etc.)
  • Bunches of checklists of things to do pre-birth, post birth and after year 1
  • Charts to document anything you can fathom - cravings, doctor visits, baby names, baby gear, etc.
  • Sheet protectors to hold whatever you want - doctor bills, insurance cards, articles, photos, anything!
  • A couple articles about important things
  • A list of helpful books and websites
  • Love and relief.  Concentrating on this has really helped me calm down a bit about all the stuff that stressed me out previously with TTC.  I built this binder with love that someday I will have a child/children to use it with and I can help women out there with the vast amount of stuff they will get during their pregnancy.
Now where can you purchase this binder when you need it for you or for a friend?  You just email me at!  You have your choice of the fabrics I have.  Each binder is $50 payable in cash or via Paypal.  If you just want the binder cover itself, no binder or organization stuff, it is $20. 

I'm working on getting new fabrics, but the fabric I like isn't cheap so I try to stock up when it goes on sale.  Let's just say the next time it is on sale, watch out!  I also have some fabric for you University of Arizona fans out there, but haven't attempted a binder with it and it was pricier so if you would like a binder of that it will be a bit more expensive.

Now let's talk about the Trying to Conceive or Infertility binder for a second - that's the next one due out.  It will have the same wonderful covers and organization, just tweaked for those of us who are "fertilitly challenged".  The fertility/TTC binder will probably be a little more personalized too.  It will depend if you are just starting to try or are where I am and have been trying for a while.  There will be tabs for different years, as well as articles, history, etc.  I'm working on creating calendars that you can keep track of different things like exercise, BBT, doctor's appointments, AF, etc.  Plus, there will be lots of sheet protectors for your bills, notes and test results.  I'm thinking it will be about the same price as the Baby Binder. 

I guess that is all I have at the moment!  I hope to hear feedback from those of you who are thinking about buying.  I'm dropping it off at the OB's office tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.  Cross those fingers that someone buys them and this actually works.

Thanks Bleaders!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I was mad at my prenatals!

I had my annual doctor appointment this week (not OB since that was last month, just regular MD) and they always ask if my meds have changed from last year (they were prenatals, folic acid, etc.).  I kind of hesitated and she "ahem'd" and I admitted that I haven't taken my prenatals or folic acid probably since our last IUI in October.  I stopped all kinds of baby-making related drugs at that point and that included those lovely prenatals.  Busted Kate said she got mad at hers at one point and I think I agree with that.  I just didn't want anything to do with them anymore.  They weren't terribly expensive or hard to swallow, but they are PRENATALS and you should be taking them when you are pregnant, not for 3 years(!) while you attempt to get pregnant.  So yes, I was mad at my prenatals. 

How can you be mad at a non-living object you ask?  When you have to deal with it every day and it reminds you that you aren't able to procreate like other people, it's really easy.  I will say the folic acid and possibly the prenatals have helped my nails grow, which I love, but that is all I can tell ya.  Every morning, taking that pill was like a constant reminder that something in my body isn't functioning like it should be.  So yes I was mad.

Back to the doc.  She didn't read me the riot act, but I could tell she wanted to.  Now don't get me wrong, she knows the situation and that was the first thing she asked..."how was last year?"  I gave her the short synopsis: 3 IUIs, lots of fertility drugs, acupuncture, lots of money, nothin'.  She said that even if I wasn't taking a prenatal, I should take at least a vitamin and fish oil (that's her big sell) but it always links back to baby - "it will help baby's brain develop."  Previously, I probably would have screamed at her, "what baby?!" but I didn't, I just had it as a fleeting thought.  I promised I would go back to the prenatals, and I have, except yesterday I forgot - but that was only 1 day in a week.  I did buy her fish oil pills and promised to take them, and I have, except for yesterday of course. 

When we started trying, everyone said, "just stop trying and it will happen."  So we tried  to "stop trying" and that didn't work.  Now I really am not trying (I think it is bad timing - but quietly hoping that it happens even though)...and except for the fleeting thought that this week is the week, but I still have that thought in the back of my head..."what if this does the trick?"

I'm still a little peeved at my prenatals, but will take them per doc's orders.  Thanks for stickin' with me Bleaders, I know I haven't been posting as regularly as usual.  Again, not really trying so the blog doesn't get a lot of attention because that is what it goes for.  I am working on the weight loss again, joined a boot camp and have been feelin' the burn all week, and really trying to eat better, so you may see some of that posted.  Anyway, stick with me, life currently ISN'T DULL!

Love <3.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Follow up to "Am I pregnant?"

This will be short Bleaders, sorry, not a lot of time today.  But I have had more than one person ask me if AF showed up and the answer was yes.  She was a day late, but she came flyin' in with avengence and wreaked havoc for two days (yes, she may be mean, but she doesn't usually stay to play long).  I meant to post and with the holiday I forgot.  She was here, she is now gone, only to return next month.

We did have a great holiday weekend.  Spent Saturday afternoon and night at my trainer and his wife's house playing flip cup (well, J played, I referee'd because I don't drink beer).  For those of you who aren't aware of what flip cup is (we weren't before this party), it's a drinking game where you have a team and each person has about 2" of beer in their red cup.  It's a race.  So the first person drinks, then has to put their cup (open end up) on the edge of the table and try to flip it over without man-handling it, once that person does it, the next person drinks and flips, then next, next, next, until the last person does it.  The team who finishes first wins.  It's anybody's game.  We had people flip the first time and we had teams win because the other team's first person couldn't get it flipped.  J even got MVP of the game...but the next day, he wasn't feelin' like no MVP.  He was H-U-R-T-I-N-G.  He said to me Sunday morning (when I got home from swimming for 90 mins - YAY me!) "I think next time I'll play flip cup with water." to which I replied, "or maybe just don't play ALL the rounds!"  Anyway, he recovered and is back to normal.

Sunday, my folks came over for some smoked ribs and chicken, and all the fixin's and we played the new Wii.  It was a lot of fun and my Mom had her highest scoring bowling game ever, with my technical expertise - I showed her how to "Granny bowl" and she was getting up to 4 strikes in a row!  Dad and J weren't too happy with this technique because it wasn't "right" but it worked!  And we had homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries (get, white and blue - I'm so clever!).

Monday, poor J had to work because his boss is stupid.  I had the day off because mine isn't!  I slept in, and then went to lunch with a friend who I had lost touch with for a while.  We had a 3 hour lunch and I got to hold her freakin' adorable 2 month old - 7 lb baby (she is tiny!).  It was awesome to hang out again and we're both going to try to do it more often! 

And lastly this morning, I attended my first Boot Camp session with my friend who is a trainer (different from my trainer).  Sweet Christine kicked my butt hard, but I survived and even kept my stomach happy, whereas others did not - yowza!  I will be going back on Thursday!  It was great fun (I can say that now that I finished it), but I feel accomplished!  Hopefully this helps the weightloss battle.  And on that note, the scale was down .8 lbs this morning even after a weekend of July 4th parties!  YAY ME!  Probably would have been more without the parties...but I'm okay with that.

Here's a pic from my friend Anna when I went to see her and the newest addition to their family last week.  I don't say this very often, but this is a GREAT picture of me so I have to share!
 This is baby Belle (born 6-29-10 about 5:54 am - when her Mommy and should have been on one of our walks - thank goodness we weren't) and me.  Someday I'll have a picture like this of my child to share!

Thank you to all those of you (or your families or friends) who have served in any branch of the military, who currently serve or whoever will serve in the future!  We couldn't have this great country without you and your efforts to defend our freedoms!

PEACE!  Back to work folks.