Thursday, July 22, 2010

Overdue update

Well hopefully you have seen the new blog set-up.  I actually kinda liked cleaning it up a bit.  Needed "freshening".  A couple things to update about and then I am hitting the sack...yes, it is 8 pm and I am already thinking about going to be

I may have mentioned at at the beginning of July I started going to a boot camp taught by my trainer friend, Sweet Christine.  She wups my butt twice a week now regularly with anywhere from 3-5 other women.  It's actually really good and encouraging because all the women are great and give lots of motivation.  Here's an action shot!  Running, not my favorite activity by far!

That's me on the left, doing push-ups, or attempting anyway!  Oh, and right behind me is one of my Bleaders!  She knows Busted Kate and that's how she found me...Lobster is her name and she freakin' rocks at boot camp!  It was great to meet someone who reads my blog, but I didn't know!  A first for Nikus!

The first two weeks were brutal and every muscle in my body one point, even my neck muscles hurt.  I was later told that was from the pull-ups and flexing every muscle to hold myself up. I've been doing bootcamp for 3 weeks now and every week I have sustained some kind of injury...not Sweet Christine's fault at all.  First one was a skinned elbow (mat burn), then a bug bite on my calf, and this morning something took a chunk out of my hand.  I didn't notice at the time, but when I came home my pinky knuckly and ring finger knuckle on my right hand were was so swollen.  I iced it down, hoping to help the swelling go away, but it got bigger.  I ended up drawing lines on my hand to monitor the swelling.  It has gone down a lot since this afternoon, but at one point I was considering going to the doc if it didn't get better.  It seems better, but will keep watching it.

Other randomness...I try not to talk about work here, but a bit of stress has been lifted because we hired someone, so that is happy.  Once she's trained, she'll be golden. I can feel it.  Oh, did I mention that I love her like a sister because she is my "sista from anotha motha"?  One of my BFFs.  Turns out she has a freakin' awesome resume and everything we needed!  Happy Nikus!  Now more studying...almost done with #5 test, then I get to study for the last one...aka "big nasty".  Really looking forward to that...NOT!

Feelin' a little odd lately.  I don't know if it is the crazy Tucson weather, or what, but I have been crazy hot lately...then cold, then hot...but mostly hot.  Plus having some cramps and AF isn't due until next week.  And super tired...thus why I am headed to bed at 8 pm...well, now it is 8:50 pm - got sidetracked with news an old friend got sad.  Oh wait, back to me...super clumsy as well lately...and can't type a sentence without an error in it.  Maybe I am just overstressed.  Oh, and I think I have a cold sore coming...can you tell how excited I am?!  You know what is zinging through my brain, but I am very sure that isn't it.  But anything goes awry and that is the first thing I think.

Last note, if you don't know about, you have to check it out.  You subscribe for your city and they send you a coupon everyday for deals in your city.  Thus far, I have purchased breakfast for $20 for $7 at a new restaurant that was awesome, a ghost tour in downtown Tucson (yet to be taken) and laser hair removal for a sweet deal.  I did the laser hair for my about 5 more treatments to go...but what did she ask me..."Is there any chance you could be pregnant?"  Of course, I said, "well...there's always a chance, but if after 3 years of trying - yes this month - it would really not be happy that it would be when I am doing something I shouldn't be if I was pregnant."  We went ahead anyway.  Who knows, maybe it is a side-effect from that.  I doubt it, but my body is wacky!  Oh, and cravings....let me tell you, I have had nachos at least for the past 3 days once or twice a day!  Maybe I am letting my head get the best of me...but I wish something would show up already - even if it is the flu - so I would know what my body is doing!  Don't get excited just yet Bleaders...probably all fluky stuff with no real reason.  And now I am sweating....I give up, I am going to bed!

I lied, here's the last note...we're heading to "the river" this weekend for some tubing.  If you live in Tucson, there is only ONE river...the Salt River.  It is infiltrated with people in inner-tubes and alcohol that float for 2, 3, or 5 hours and burn to a crisp.  I (Tucson native) have never actually gone...shocking - yes.  But we go this weekend with our friends who moved to Tucson about 4 years ago, and have been once before...sad that they have been and I haven't.  Anyway, we have provisions so we don't burn.  But hopefully it will be fun and relaxing and cool.  Now I'm done.  Will tell you about it next week!

Love you Bleaders!

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