Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Fran Vacation update & pictures

I'm going to try to make this short and sweet, but you know me...I am long winded.  Two cities in one week can make for a long post!  So let's get started.

Flew to San Fran on Wednesday, May 12th in the evening (you heard some of the dilemmas here).  Once I was there, things were awesome.  Thursday, after Melslaw got off work, we went to a Giants game and had primo seats...seriously, she had been given tickets by her boss and when they told us where to go, her jaw hit the floor. (Oh, before I forget, I heard the best news on Thursday morning.  Busted Kate had found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago and was heading to Dr. H's office for an ultrasound.  They hadn't been to this point before.  I got a beautiful text about 10:30 am that simply said, "WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!"  I broke down into so many tears!  I was over-the-moon happy and told her so!  Here's her hubby's depiction of that day.)  Back to vacation!

Yes, that is home plate...RIGHT THERE!  Sad to say, the game wasn't very good...Giants lost to Padres, only 1 run for the Padres.  But we had fun!

Then we hit the street for some shopping, although - get this - I didn't buy anything!  SHOCKER!  We did find a pretty cool one-man-bad who was really good and young! 
 And I got to hop on the trolley for a photo op.

Finally headed home for some dinner and Grey's Anatomy.  I have never had Thai so Melslaw and JC ordered from their favorite restaurant, and I dove in.  It was yum-my!  Watched Grey's and finally faded off to sleep.  JC gave up his place in the bed again for the couch so I would be warm!  What a boyfriend she has!
Friday, we had manis and pedis scheduled so even though the weather was COLD, we were wearing flip flops.  My feet were frozen by the time we hit the salon, but the service was so nice.  Kind of an older style salon, so no massaging chairs, but the ladies did a great job making up for that with foot and leg massage.  Awesome!  Then, again it was time for shopping.  It had come to my attention that my jeans were dying, so I was in desperate need.  We headed to Nordstrom Rack, something we don't have in T-town (although I hear rumors we may soon) and we were on a tight schedule as another friend was flying in for Melslaw's birthday.  After an hour of trying on jeans (and finding nothing that fit how I wanted it to) it was time to go, but I was determined.  I begged Melslaw to leave me there while she ventured to the airport and since we had to go to another store when she got back that was way close, she obliged.  So I had another hour and a half to find jeans...and that I did!  3 pairs for $100, not bad!  Plus cute boots for way cheap too!  I was a happy girl!

Melslaw and Sarah arrived and we shopped a bit more, then headed to Costco for party supplies and food.  Found some cool stuff to take home, like a Camelback for $20!  J would love that!  Headed back to the house and ordered some pizza that wasn't Dominoes - YUM!  And finally we hit the hay, this time I was on the couch because I had a buddy and we were good. 

Saturday, we spent a lot of time turning Melslaw and JC's apartment into Fiesta-land.  And I think we did pretty good!
Finally, we were set up and the party was ready to begin.  Lots of people and lots of fun events...including pinatas and pin-the-tail-on-the-burro!
Apparently, even as adults we can't get this game down! 

The highlight of the party for me was running into someone I had gone to school with since 3rd grade and not having him recognize me.  I was standing with Melslaw when Dave (Felix) arrived with his fiancee, and he politely extended his hand to introduce himself.  I responded with my maiden name and his jaw hit the floor!  So then we caught up a bit and reminisced.  It was very funny!  (Later, in discussing the situation with JC and Melslaw, they determined that I look better now than I did in HS - I'm choosing to take that as a complement - and that is why he was so shocked!).  Either way, it was funny to me.

After an entire day of drinking and eating, we decided that not going out was a good idea, so we vegged on the couch for a bit and then hit the hay around 11 pm...yes, we are apparently old!  But we had to wake up for Bay to Breakers walk the next day!

The next day was an adventure and I won't post all the pictures, just a few favorites.  If you don't remember, or haven't read back, this is a 7 mile walk in San Francisco where people basically drink and dress up (and that could also mean having no clothes on as well).  We chose to use the sombreros from the party and mock the AZ Immigration Law a bit (don't get mad, we were just having fun - please don't post about the politics behind the law, that is a whole other post!).  We even had a "Border Patrol" agent with us.  Each of the sombrero wearing ladies had an index card on their sombrero with a saying, such as "Do I look Mexican to you?" - that was mine being that I am blond haired and blue eyed, or "14th Amendment, Que?", etc.  It was well received and we weren't the only ones there like that.  So here's our before picture.
Before the walk...
That's bacon.
Duff Man from the Simpsons.
Mocking Tiger Woods.  The backs of their shirts had texts he had sent to his mistresses, some quite explicit!
That is Oscar the Grouch - one of my favorites.
Just a shot of how many people were there, but I liked the mariachis and the random dude in the skirt!
Melslaw borrowed my maracas! (A cute story about the maracas....We had our sombreros tightly strapped to our heads because the wind was blowing a bit and a woman came up to me and I couldn't hear her, so I assumed she wanted my hat.  Anyway, she actually said, "Can I try your maracas?" to which I replied, "I can't take it off."  I heard about that one for a while!  But at least the ladies were laughing!)
Morgan being frisked by someone who didn't know if we should be "in the country."
That's Slider (from Top Gun) with my maracas and Melslaw.
Melslaw and the Burger King.
And my favorite, oompa-loompas!  A couple of which had too much "chocolate"!

Sarah and Morgan at "lunch" at 4 pm - after 5 hours of drinking! 

Melslaw and me!
What do you notice on each of our plates?  TATOR TOTS!  Apparently, this place specializes in them.  So I had the healthiest meal of Tator Tots and Mac and Cheese!  AWESOME!
After the walk, we were all a little beat!

So that was my San Francisco adventure and Monday morning VERY EARLY, Melslaw and I got up to go to the airport.  I managed to get all my goodies in my bag (even those maracas), and get to the airport with time to spare.  Flew to Vegas to meet up with my boss/mom, for a work conference.  I only have a few pics of that because taking pictures of speakers isn't really that entertaining.  So we have the following:
This is our room at the Aria.  It is the newest hotel in Vegas and uber-cool.  When we walked in the music came on, the blinds opened on their own, the TV came on, etc etc.  Very welcoming and swanky!
I was attempting to take a picture of our view, but couldn't use the flash because it was through a window.  So this is what you get when you don't use a flash at night.  That was another part of the hotel I believe.

Conference was good...lots of info and good speakers.  We did manage to see a show, purely by luck.  We were walking thru the casino and this guy stopped us and asked us if we wanted tickets to Viva Elvis which was showing at the hotel and a Circe de Soleil production.  After determining that it wasn't a scam, as he didn't want any money, we accepted 2 tickets (that would have cost $168 each!), headed out to find some food and then back for the show. It was pretty great.  Lots of high flying and dancing depicting Elvis' life.  Very cool!  Flew home on Wednesday night late, and I still am not fully caught up on life.  

That being said, I need to get to work!  So, there's my update for vacations and there won't be anymore vacations for a while.  Have a great week Bleaders and talk soon!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick hi

Hello dearest Bleaders!

I have returned to the warmness of Arizona.  I don't have time to do a full post, am behind on studying on account of the vacation and business travel, but I wanted to say hi and let you know I haven't fallen off the planet.  Vacation was fabulous and will post soon with pictures and stories!  Nothing exciting to report except that I am officially going back to WW.  I just need to.  I have lost sight of everything that goes with healthy eating!  So here I come.

And that is all the time I have today to post.  I promise, will update on activities soon.  Just have to make it to June!  Then things should clear a bit.  Stick with me folks, I haven't forgotten you!  Have so much to say, just no time to do it!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation bumps

I am barely on vacation and I already have a story or two to share.  Yesterday couldn't go fast enough for me.  I was trying to wrap up work and also get through one last CFP class before I left on a jet plane to come to San Francisco.  J came home from work just as I was closing down the computer and the suitcase that was overstuffed to begin with.

(I should post a note here that my right foot has been hurting me for the last week or so and the pain was getting worse and worse, especially in flat shoes - i.e. athletic shoes, so I had gone to the chiropractor on Tuesday for some laser therapy to hopefully help fix whatever was ailing me as I knew I would be walking a lot in San Francisco, as well as returning Wed for more.  Doc said to get insoles and ice the foot/ankle as much as possible.)

I will continue now...J dropped me at the airport and we said our goodbyes.  I headed inside and straight to security since I had already gotten my boarding pass online and had no bags to check.  Security had NO LINE, which even in Tucson is amazing.  I thought, "this will be easy."  Boy was I wrong!  Unloaded the necessary items...laptop, liquids, shoes, jacket.  I went through, one bag through, and then time stopped.  You know that feeling...your bag hasn't come through and two or more of the security people are looking at the screen.  I knew there was only one thing in my bag they could be looking at.  The brand-new ice pack I had packed just in case.  So when one of the agents came over and asked me if "that" bag was my bag, I nodded and we walked to the enclosed glass area. 

As he carried my bag, I told him, "I can probably guess what it is" and "if you open it, (meaning the suitcase) you get to close it."  Thankfully, the agent was very nice and let me show him where the disparaging item might be.  I pulled out the ice pack, which of course was at the base of my bag.  He said, he thought that was it and it just needed to be scanned again.  So he walked away and I sat.  And I watched him put it on the x-ray machine, and then now 3 people looking at the screen. And he returned to me..."Nope, that's not it.  It looks like there is a cheeseburger in your bag."  Seriously?  Why would I have a cheeseburger in my rollerbag?!  Plus I was starving, so it would have been in my hand!  He was good humored about it though.  So we rooted around some more and pulled out a couple other items, plus the ice pack and the suitcase as a whole and all were taken back to the scanner.  Finally, when he returned he surmised that it was in fact the ice pack and I was not a threat to national security.  Thankfully, I was very calm during this whole process and I thought it was kind of funny.  Now the challenge was re-packing my perfectly packed bag again so it would close again.  But I did it.

Made my way to a restaurant in the airport and found some dinner.  Called J to tell him I was nearly taken away for trying to ice my ankle.  He thought that was humorous.  Then headed to the gate with just enough time for a bathroom stop and to get on the plane.  Got there, and realized the plane was half an hour late.  Sounded like I would make my connection in San Diego, so no worries there.  Finally was allowed to get on the plane and off we went.  Pretty easy flight, nothing crazy, but very full. 

Got to San Diego and what do you know, that plane is an HOUR late.  So at 9:15 at night, I am now not leaving until 10:40 pm.  I called Melslaw to let her know the situation, then pulled out the laptop and was able to watch Parenthood online, an episode I had missed the night before.  (There was 2 scenes where the grandfather on the show - Craig T. Nelson from Coach fame - was watching my Arizona Wildcats basketball team.  Very funny how Tucson makes it's way into so many TV shows and movies, but I digress).  Just as my show is wrapping up, I glanced at the clock to realize we should be boarding but now there isn't anyone around me!  I asked the gate agent and the gate had moved...but only about 15 feet.  Wrapped up my show and onto the plane we went.  I think there were probably 20 people on the entire flight.  Texted Melslaw to let her know I was on my way and should be landing about midnight.  Texted J to let him know I was leaving San Diego.  And away we went.  I had a whole row all to myself so I was able to stretch out and get my foot up a bit.  That was nice.

Finally got into San Fran about 15 minutes late and found my way to Melslaw and her BF, JC, to pick me up and sweep me to their awesome San Fran apartment.  They had set up a great little air-up mattress on the floor and it was quite comfortable.  I asked Melslaw to turn the heater that she had on off because I was boiling.  Well that went away fast...who knew that the floor was so cold!  I was freezing all night and didn't very well want to wake up Melslaw or JC for help.  Anyway, after a while Melslaw woke up and determined that JC had fallen asleep on the couch and I told her I was cold, so I crawled into bed with her and was way better...mind you, this is about 6 am!  So I got a couple hours of good sleep and am finally warmed up...who knew CA could be so cold!  But now I must sign off to go get ready to go to a Giants game and have a great day with my BFF.

No more bumps please...although, truth be told they weren't that bad.  Time to have vacation.

Love Bleaders Love.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CFP Decision and "I was right"!

I have again talked to more people about the CFP thing and while a bunch of you are very encouraging of taking the test in July so it is over with, I have decided to take it in November.  I would love to get it over and done with, but doing such a huge test with so little prep scares me and I really don't want to have to take it twice.  I discussed, at length, my situation with a couple people who actually lead the cram courses and this is how I came to this decision.  It wasn't taken lightly.  (I feel like I am letting you guys down gently while breaking up with you, but let me clarify...I am NOT breaking up with you!)  Anyway, case closed.  Decision made.  November it is.

On another note, I happened to actually hear what the statistic is for couples who deal with infertility (it was on The Doctors from yesterday's DVR) and I was right!  It is actually 1 out of 6 couples who deal with infertility.  I literally pulled that out of no where in this post. But apparently I was right on the money!  I was never one for statistics.  I just came up with that one because of my group of 6 friends who all have kids, except me.  Anyway, not often that I get to say I was right about stuff like this so I had to share it!

What else is going on in my life? 

I'm heading to San Francisco this evening to spend my BFF's 30th birthday with her and I am super excited.  Have to leave J at home for a girls' weekend, but it is beyond needed.  For just coming home from vacation, I will say it has been a stressful week and I am desperate need already of another vacation.  I was kinda down in the dumps yesterday due to an argument that J and I had (it was over stupid stuff and I hate those arguments...well, all arguments between us).  It has since been resolved, but it really sucked me dry of energy and sleep so I need some revitalization!  Thankfully though, I have many good friends and two that I can always count on helped pull me out of the hole that I had crawled into.  So thanks Volleyball Queen and Kimmy!  Love you guys!

Will try to post on vaca but don't hold your breath.  I may chuck the computer out the plane's window just to get some down time! ;)  All the while looking for celebrities!  Oh, and my buddy, Ryan Phillippe, is on Ellen Degeneres' show today.  Think he'll mention our meeting in the Tucson Airport?  I'm DVRing it just in case!

Later dear Bleaders!

Monday, May 10, 2010

July or November...that is the question. Answer due June 1.

FYI...this post is not really about infertility.  There are references to it, but infertility isn't the basis of my post.  

I have a dilemma on my hands that I keep battling with. I have been talking about big nasty (aka the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) test) to you Bleaders probably since I started this blog and now the time is drawing near...maybe.  Let me play out the dilemma for you and tell me what you think.

I am currently in my last class of the CFP series (yay me!) which is set to end on June 14th.  The CFP test is only offered in March (obviously missed that one), July and November.  Technically speaking, I could finish my last class, take that test and hopefully pass right out the gate, then whip around and take a cram course in Phoenix, then do nothing else but study for 2 weeks and attempt the CFP exam.  I guess I should tell you about the CFP exam so you have some idea of what I am up against.

The CFP exam is to financial planners what The Bar is to lawyers, except we aren't required by law to take it.  (Ok lawyers, don't get mad and say "well, then it isn't like The Bar!")  CFP is something that you can deal without, but you are much more respected with it.  It is a 2 day test (four hours the first day and 2 three hour sessions the next) and has about a 50% pass rate.  It is multiple choice, but by no means easy.  When you leave after the second day of beating, you don't get your score because the exam is curved.  Meaning if a certain percentage (don't know what it is) get a question wrong, it gets thrown out.  You get your score a month and a half later (March scores are due out this week). 

I have been working on my CFP since about August of 2008 and I am over it.  It takes up a lot of my time during the week (I study about 8 hours a week plus have 2 two and a half hour classes a week = 13 hours out of my 40 hour (ha!) work-week).  There are many other things I could be doing during that time period to help the business succeed, but I am studying.  Not to mention the weekends that I study or extra hours when it comes to test time, like right now.  I just want it done.

To take the CFP in July, I really have to buckle down and get through this course and seemingly start studying for the cram course before I even finish the class I am in (the cram course people tell me that is about an 8-12 week process).

Here are the reasons I came up with to take the test in July:
1) I get really stressed out over tests, so the more time I have to think about it, the more stressed I will be.
2) I would get to see what the test is like and with any luck pass.
3) The information would be fresh in my brain, so hopefully more luck to pass.
4) If I didn't pass the July test, I would still be able to take the November test and hopefully be done this year!
5) June is looking like a calmer month at the office which gives me more time to study without taking me away from my work.
6) It's possible with all the laws Congress is working on that the July test could be a bit easier because some of the Estate Planning stuff hasn't been hashed out yet and would be by November making the November test harder.
7) I would be done now and not in November!
8) The sooner I get done with this, the sooner we can do IVF because I will not do IVF while preparing for this test.  No way, no how.

Here are the reasons to take the test in November:
1) I get really stressed out over tests, so this would allow me more time to let the information soak in and let me study until I knew it backwards and forwards and upside-down.  (I have learned in the past this is good for me and my test taking).
2) The timing is so very tight.  I would basically have to give up all other aspects of my life for June and the beginning of July to take the test in July, whereas if I took it in November I could study at a more steady pace but still have a life.
3) I would have time to possibly take two cram courses from different companies, thereby getting a variety of information and hopefully being better prepared for the exam.
4) I would still be done in 2010.
5) The test isn't only about memorization, but also the applying the concepts.  So, more time to understand this too.
6) This gives us more time to work on conceiving on our own, without IVF, and possibly do it spontaneously (as Dr. H would say), which is also a dream of mine.
7) I don't think we are ready to do IVF yet (I know I am not) so this would give us another reason to wait on that at least until January 2011 to do IVF, with good cause.

Here are the things that throw a wrench into my thoughts:
1) If I get pregnant spontaneously, there is no good answer.  Either I take the test under extreme pressure in my first or second month, or I take the test in any month of my pregnancy maybe with a little less pressure.
2) Congress debating the Estate Planning laws.
3) If I walk out of the test in July and think I passed and don't study only to learn I failed, then I have wasted a month and a half of studying.  If I walk out of the test in July and think I failed and study again only to learn I passed, I have wasted a month and a half of studying.
4) I have to decide before June 1 (as the July test is July 17-18) and I will be barely in the middle of my current class, so tough to determine if I have a grasp of the current material only to add more to study.

I would give my left arm to someone who said, "I am 100% you will pass the July exam."  Obviously, no one can do that for me (and to be honest, what would they do with my left arm...I am right handed!)  I guess I am leaning towards the November exam a bit just because it doesn't put so much pressure on me and I can not only let the concepts soak in but the application of them.  But I really, really, really want to be done NOW!  And if you know me, you know this is a common thing...I want what I want and I want it NOW!  I want to have lost the weight now.  I want to be pregnant now.  I want to be done with the CFP now.  (My Mom told me the other day when we were discussing this that in the middle of Kindergarten I told her "I wanted to go to first grade now because I was done with Kindergarten."  So I have had this issue my whole life apparently!)

Oh, and I have talked to other people about this decision.  Many in fact!  My former boss, my boss/Mom, another friend of the family who knows the business, my husband, people in my current class, people who have recently taken the CFP exam and passed recently, other friends, and myself over and over in my head.

I guess those are all my reasons.  And no one can really tell me how to proceed, only I can determine my readiness, and at this point that is difficult for me.  Maybe that says that I need to wait until November.  AAHHHH!

Thoughts dear Bleaders?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N stories (last one...I promise!)

To Breckenridge we go...

After 5 very busy days in Denver, we decided it was time to head to the mountains for some "us" time (aka "baby-making time)...yes I was thinking about it, but I think we were off schedule...oh well.  J started to drive (I should add here that he hasn't been feeling well the whole trip...we figure altitude sickness...and he already has vertigo, what a combo!) and pretty soon asked me if I could because he wasn't feeling very good.  So we switched and I drove to Breck...about an hour and 45 minutes...but at least it was clear out!
Very pretty driving at least.

After checking in at our bed and breakfast, we headed out by vehicle to find lunch...at 3:30 pm, I was starving!  But first we drove up the mountain a bit to see the town.
I give you the city of Breckenridge, CO.

Got some lunch in our bellies and then walked around town for a bit and just relaxed...finally!  Nothing too crazy...just walked and shopped and determined that we would need massages the next day, not because we were sore, just because they were half off due to the lack of people in Breck in what they call, Mud Season (it's the time between Ski Season and Hiking/Biking Season).  Grabbed some pizzeria pizza for dinner back at the B&B and then back to the warmth of our room.  The B&B had a hot tub so after dinner that was where we headed.  It was enclosed, so awesome.  Looked at the temp and it was 110 degrees!  YOWZA!  All I could get in were my feet and calves, and only for 10 minutes at that.  Back to the room, and more relaxing.  Now the room felt like it was 110 degrees due to our bodies being so warm, so we opened windows...when it was COLD outside!  But we went to bed happy!

Next day after a slower start, we were greeted with breakfast by our host, also named Niki (and yes, she spells it RIGHT!).  It was grand!  Then we headed out to Country Boy Mine for a tour of the mine and some ghost-hunting.  We had a personal tour (again, due to the fact that there was just no one else) and it was quite interesting.  But no ghosts...that I saw anyway. 
J and I in the mine. It was again...COLD!  1100 feet into the mountain, and 900 feet under it!
Our guide teaching J how to pan for gold.
J on his own, he didn't make anything! Surprised?

After being miners for an hour (I would have never survived more than that), we were hungry...are you surprised?  So we headed to Bubba Gump's, that J has been waiting for the whole trip!  Here's before he ate...
And here's after...
Then it was time for our massages!  And they were divine...so much so that we needed naps afterwards, so back to the B&B we went.
Fireside Inn, Breckenridge, CO - I highly recommend it!

We were so full from Bubba Gump's that dinner was just snack food and refreshments.  I even got to take a bath in our jetted tub and read a bit.  It was divine!  And the next day, we were heading home to Denver first, then Tucson.  This is what we woke up to...

I took this from our bathroom window...it had snowed, A LOT! 

We headed down to our last home cooked breakfast with our hosts...yup hosts! 
That's J and Gaspote, the Niki's poodle.  Very nice pup.
 Niki, the host, and Niki, the guest.

After our breakfast, checked out of the B&B and hit the road to Denver.  Despite the snow and cold, we made excellent time and had time for lunch before we hit the airport.  Got the car returned, the bag checked and through security in record time.  Got to our gate, and due to the weather the previous flight was delayed, so our gate was changed, headed back to the right gate and were able to relax for about 45 minutes before the flight loaded. 

We were seated just behind first class on the incredibly small plane (4 seats across) on the right side.  As we started taxiing I looked into first class and could have sworn that Ryan Phillippe was sitting there.  I asked J and he responded, "UM...no way."  So I tried to read, but I couldn't get over how much he looked like Ryan Phillippe, although I couldn't figure out for the life of me why he was flying from Denver to Tucson.  Tried to get over it some more, but I was still watching.  Pretty soon, the flight attendant came to talk to him and said, "Mr. Phillippe, can I get you some orange juice?"  I nearly elbowed J out of his seat (he was asleep at this point) and whisperedly-screamed, "I knew it and I told you so!"  As soon as the seat-belt sign was off, I hopped up to get my phone (aka camera) out of my purse and J knew what I was doing.  The rest of the flight was spent trying to take pictures of Ryan without him noticing me.

Before we landed, another person started making his way past us from first class to the bathroom and I thought it looked like Will Forte from SNL.  I told J and when he came back, J said that I was right again!  When we landed, I tried to get off the plane right behind them all (there were about 4 together that were obviously travelling together).  Ryan took off towards baggage claim and I took off after him, leaving J in the dust.  He caught up...don't worry!  Finally, got to baggage claim and got the REAL camera out.  I intended to ask for a pic with him but I was now shaking and all kinds of nervous.  Ryan had put on his headphones and I almost lost my nerve, but I sucked it up, handed J the camera and tapped him so lightly, I am surprised he felt it!  But he did and he turned and I shakily asked for a photo.  He was super nice and told me to relax, asked our names and then posed with me for THIS!
I ain't lying...that is Ryan Phillippe with yours truly!

After I could speak again, we asked why he was in town and he told us that he was promoting the new film he is in with Will Forte, MacGruber, that we actually knew about - the movie, not the promoting.  Will Forte was no where to be found.  After a couple of minutes of chatting with Ryan, we said our goodbyes and he walked away. Now, J is madly looking for Will for his photo opp.  And here he comes, with his bag that he had gate-checked.  As he walked past, J said his name and he turned to look at J, who then politely asked for a photo.  He, of course, obliged and was super nice as well...again, asking both our names and chatting with us. 
Will Forte (MacGruber) and J (hubby)

J and Will exchanged lines from MacGruber and then he had to run to catch his ride as we saw Ryan walking away with the other two guys from the plane and what looked like drivers.  

So in a nutshell...well, maybe a nut-tree, that was our trip to Colorado and our celebrity sighting!  Told you there was a great story!  Thanks for reading and will write when the urge strikes again!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N stories (part 2)

Time to continue....where were we...day 3, Saturday, April 24th!

Saturday was a little calmer...at least during the day.  Michelle, J and I went shopping...and you probably can guess how long that lasted.  About an hour and then J was ready to dart.  So he took the car and headed up to his old work to see if his old buddies were there.  They were not.  They had followed his idea and left town in search of better places to work and warmer climate.  So he came and got us, we dropped Michelle at her house and went back to the hotel to get ready for Michelle's 30th birthday extravaganza!

Got decked out and back to her place to pick her up...kinda.  We had determined that different people would probably want to leave at different times, so we dropped our vehicle and Michelle's vehicle at the new-fangled (well, to us anyway) light rail station near her place and then another of her friends drove us to the restaurant in down-town Denver.  Got to dinner where I was told that I could only have 3(!) margaritas and then I would be cut off!  I couldn't understand why...but then I found out! 

Colyn and Michelle (aka Birthday girl) - note the margaritas!

After dinner, we all headed out to another bar for what...more drinking!  And here's what happened:
Yes, that is a hula hoop...in a bar (Maloney's) in Denver with sand on the floor in April! 

We all used to work together (Karen, Niki and Michelle), but we are all still good friends!

And this was right before we left, and Michelle had had a couple drinks! ;)

About 11 pm, J and I decided it was time to go.  (Yes, we know we are old.)  So we left the party (that was still in full swing) and headed out into the night.  I should tell you that I am in EXTREMELY high heels (something I do often) and it is still COLD!  First, we turn the wrong way out of the bar and are heading away from the light rail station.  We ask for directions from a Denver-ite and get turned in the right direction.  As we hoof it to the station, we have to sit down for a few minutes to let my feet recover.  We finally get to the station and now we have to figure out where we are going.  It's at this point that we both realize we know the cross streets of where we parked the car, but not the name of the stations....OOPS!  I text Michelle, not expecting an answer, and we kinda guess what ticket we should buy but figure out for the most part which train to get on.  Train arrives (still no text back) and we get on (in the warmth) and ride, and ride, and ride...45 minutes!  We had figured we would get off at the Orchard station figuring where the stations and the streets were, so it comes up and we get off.  Nope, not the right one!  Thankfully, light rail doesn't close until 2 am so we have plenty of time to figure this whole thing out...we hope.  I text Michelle again and she realizes our dilemma, and (GOD LOVE HER) thinking she is helping, gives us the cross streets of the station!  I text back that we need the station name and just about the time we figure out it is Arapahoe, she texts back with the name.  Well, at least they matched!  Now just to wait 20 minutes and get on the next train, and ride one stop down...equivalent of about 2 miles - maybe - and find our car.  Back to the hotel and finally warm bed and no more heeled boots!  
The other reason we had to leave early is the following morning, we had agreed to meet other friends at their church (which we really like) at 10 am.  I already blogged about the sermon, but if you want to re-read here it is.  After church, we headed back to their house, which they had packed up due to having sold it before moving to Alabama to be with family, but were lovely enough to still host a small lunch with friends we knew in Denver, mostly because of them.  It was a lovely day!
Our lovely hosts and former neighbors, Chris and Mary.

Mary and Addy, the wino dog.

Shannon and myself, sweet lady she is!

Macon and Sloan (Chris and Mary's children) - when we left they were 13 and 11, now are 18 and 16!  YIKES!
Mary and I.  I love this lady!
J and Chris, trouble times two, especially when there are vehicles and beer involved (not together!).

 I took this picture because I am thinking about a tattoo on my foot!  Isn't that adorable?!

We spent the entire day at Chris and Mary's and it still wasn't enough.  They are wonderful people and great friends.  I'm sad that we moved away and now we have to go to Alabama to see them, or convince them to come to AZ.  One will happen, I swear!  We headed home about 9 pm that night.
Monday, J got to sleep in and I did a bit, but had to get up and get ready because I was meeting old friends/co-workers for lunch.  So off I went, with J still in bed.  Drove all the way to my old place of work and (sad to say) I couldn't remember what floor I was supposed to go to!  Anyway, finally got there and saw lots of people I miss greatly!  We headed out to lunch for some good catch-up and laughter.
Molly and baby Rudd, isn't he adorable?  And already a girl flirter and girl watcher!
Kelly with Rudd. 
After lunch with my girls.  Molly.  

Megan.  We're laughing because she's kinda short, and in my shoes I towered over her, so I was squatting down.  This is also my former boss's daughter who works for her Mom, now you understand a bit more why her Mom is so important to me...she has the same situation we do!

 Kelly, my former trainer in Media...and still a trainer to me, that's her other job!
And Kristina...another awesome lady I miss a lot.

I left them and headed back to the hotel for some down time before dinner with another friend from that same place of employment.  J and I went to dinner at our friend Tami and James' house, and their daughter Chloe.  Chloe is 3 and so sweet.  She showed us the new house and helped make dinner.  Such a cutie!  I want one...a daughter that is!  Here's Tami and myself before we left.
Ah yes, the girls.  Oh, and Tami is pregnant with #2.  So happy for them and can't wait to know the sex.

This seems like a good stopping point since the next day we head to Breckenridge and I am sure you are tired of reading.  But don't give up, one of the best stories is on the horizon!