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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N stories (last one...I promise!)

To Breckenridge we go...

After 5 very busy days in Denver, we decided it was time to head to the mountains for some "us" time (aka "baby-making time)...yes I was thinking about it, but I think we were off schedule...oh well.  J started to drive (I should add here that he hasn't been feeling well the whole trip...we figure altitude sickness...and he already has vertigo, what a combo!) and pretty soon asked me if I could because he wasn't feeling very good.  So we switched and I drove to Breck...about an hour and 45 minutes...but at least it was clear out!
Very pretty driving at least.

After checking in at our bed and breakfast, we headed out by vehicle to find 3:30 pm, I was starving!  But first we drove up the mountain a bit to see the town.
I give you the city of Breckenridge, CO.

Got some lunch in our bellies and then walked around town for a bit and just relaxed...finally!  Nothing too crazy...just walked and shopped and determined that we would need massages the next day, not because we were sore, just because they were half off due to the lack of people in Breck in what they call, Mud Season (it's the time between Ski Season and Hiking/Biking Season).  Grabbed some pizzeria pizza for dinner back at the B&B and then back to the warmth of our room.  The B&B had a hot tub so after dinner that was where we headed.  It was enclosed, so awesome.  Looked at the temp and it was 110 degrees!  YOWZA!  All I could get in were my feet and calves, and only for 10 minutes at that.  Back to the room, and more relaxing.  Now the room felt like it was 110 degrees due to our bodies being so warm, so we opened windows...when it was COLD outside!  But we went to bed happy!

Next day after a slower start, we were greeted with breakfast by our host, also named Niki (and yes, she spells it RIGHT!).  It was grand!  Then we headed out to Country Boy Mine for a tour of the mine and some ghost-hunting.  We had a personal tour (again, due to the fact that there was just no one else) and it was quite interesting.  But no ghosts...that I saw anyway. 
J and I in the mine. It was again...COLD!  1100 feet into the mountain, and 900 feet under it!
Our guide teaching J how to pan for gold.
J on his own, he didn't make anything! Surprised?

After being miners for an hour (I would have never survived more than that), we were hungry...are you surprised?  So we headed to Bubba Gump's, that J has been waiting for the whole trip!  Here's before he ate...
And here's after...
Then it was time for our massages!  And they were much so that we needed naps afterwards, so back to the B&B we went.
Fireside Inn, Breckenridge, CO - I highly recommend it!

We were so full from Bubba Gump's that dinner was just snack food and refreshments.  I even got to take a bath in our jetted tub and read a bit.  It was divine!  And the next day, we were heading home to Denver first, then Tucson.  This is what we woke up to...

I took this from our bathroom had snowed, A LOT! 

We headed down to our last home cooked breakfast with our hosts...yup hosts! 
That's J and Gaspote, the Niki's poodle.  Very nice pup.
 Niki, the host, and Niki, the guest.

After our breakfast, checked out of the B&B and hit the road to Denver.  Despite the snow and cold, we made excellent time and had time for lunch before we hit the airport.  Got the car returned, the bag checked and through security in record time.  Got to our gate, and due to the weather the previous flight was delayed, so our gate was changed, headed back to the right gate and were able to relax for about 45 minutes before the flight loaded. 

We were seated just behind first class on the incredibly small plane (4 seats across) on the right side.  As we started taxiing I looked into first class and could have sworn that Ryan Phillippe was sitting there.  I asked J and he responded, " way."  So I tried to read, but I couldn't get over how much he looked like Ryan Phillippe, although I couldn't figure out for the life of me why he was flying from Denver to Tucson.  Tried to get over it some more, but I was still watching.  Pretty soon, the flight attendant came to talk to him and said, "Mr. Phillippe, can I get you some orange juice?"  I nearly elbowed J out of his seat (he was asleep at this point) and whisperedly-screamed, "I knew it and I told you so!"  As soon as the seat-belt sign was off, I hopped up to get my phone (aka camera) out of my purse and J knew what I was doing.  The rest of the flight was spent trying to take pictures of Ryan without him noticing me.

Before we landed, another person started making his way past us from first class to the bathroom and I thought it looked like Will Forte from SNL.  I told J and when he came back, J said that I was right again!  When we landed, I tried to get off the plane right behind them all (there were about 4 together that were obviously travelling together).  Ryan took off towards baggage claim and I took off after him, leaving J in the dust.  He caught up...don't worry!  Finally, got to baggage claim and got the REAL camera out.  I intended to ask for a pic with him but I was now shaking and all kinds of nervous.  Ryan had put on his headphones and I almost lost my nerve, but I sucked it up, handed J the camera and tapped him so lightly, I am surprised he felt it!  But he did and he turned and I shakily asked for a photo.  He was super nice and told me to relax, asked our names and then posed with me for THIS!
I ain't lying...that is Ryan Phillippe with yours truly!

After I could speak again, we asked why he was in town and he told us that he was promoting the new film he is in with Will Forte, MacGruber, that we actually knew about - the movie, not the promoting.  Will Forte was no where to be found.  After a couple of minutes of chatting with Ryan, we said our goodbyes and he walked away. Now, J is madly looking for Will for his photo opp.  And here he comes, with his bag that he had gate-checked.  As he walked past, J said his name and he turned to look at J, who then politely asked for a photo.  He, of course, obliged and was super nice as well...again, asking both our names and chatting with us. 
Will Forte (MacGruber) and J (hubby)

J and Will exchanged lines from MacGruber and then he had to run to catch his ride as we saw Ryan walking away with the other two guys from the plane and what looked like drivers.  

So in a nutshell...well, maybe a nut-tree, that was our trip to Colorado and our celebrity sighting!  Told you there was a great story!  Thanks for reading and will write when the urge strikes again!


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