Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation bumps

I am barely on vacation and I already have a story or two to share.  Yesterday couldn't go fast enough for me.  I was trying to wrap up work and also get through one last CFP class before I left on a jet plane to come to San Francisco.  J came home from work just as I was closing down the computer and the suitcase that was overstuffed to begin with.

(I should post a note here that my right foot has been hurting me for the last week or so and the pain was getting worse and worse, especially in flat shoes - i.e. athletic shoes, so I had gone to the chiropractor on Tuesday for some laser therapy to hopefully help fix whatever was ailing me as I knew I would be walking a lot in San Francisco, as well as returning Wed for more.  Doc said to get insoles and ice the foot/ankle as much as possible.)

I will continue now...J dropped me at the airport and we said our goodbyes.  I headed inside and straight to security since I had already gotten my boarding pass online and had no bags to check.  Security had NO LINE, which even in Tucson is amazing.  I thought, "this will be easy."  Boy was I wrong!  Unloaded the necessary items...laptop, liquids, shoes, jacket.  I went through, one bag through, and then time stopped.  You know that feeling...your bag hasn't come through and two or more of the security people are looking at the screen.  I knew there was only one thing in my bag they could be looking at.  The brand-new ice pack I had packed just in case.  So when one of the agents came over and asked me if "that" bag was my bag, I nodded and we walked to the enclosed glass area. 

As he carried my bag, I told him, "I can probably guess what it is" and "if you open it, (meaning the suitcase) you get to close it."  Thankfully, the agent was very nice and let me show him where the disparaging item might be.  I pulled out the ice pack, which of course was at the base of my bag.  He said, he thought that was it and it just needed to be scanned again.  So he walked away and I sat.  And I watched him put it on the x-ray machine, and then now 3 people looking at the screen. And he returned to me..."Nope, that's not it.  It looks like there is a cheeseburger in your bag."  Seriously?  Why would I have a cheeseburger in my rollerbag?!  Plus I was starving, so it would have been in my hand!  He was good humored about it though.  So we rooted around some more and pulled out a couple other items, plus the ice pack and the suitcase as a whole and all were taken back to the scanner.  Finally, when he returned he surmised that it was in fact the ice pack and I was not a threat to national security.  Thankfully, I was very calm during this whole process and I thought it was kind of funny.  Now the challenge was re-packing my perfectly packed bag again so it would close again.  But I did it.

Made my way to a restaurant in the airport and found some dinner.  Called J to tell him I was nearly taken away for trying to ice my ankle.  He thought that was humorous.  Then headed to the gate with just enough time for a bathroom stop and to get on the plane.  Got there, and realized the plane was half an hour late.  Sounded like I would make my connection in San Diego, so no worries there.  Finally was allowed to get on the plane and off we went.  Pretty easy flight, nothing crazy, but very full. 

Got to San Diego and what do you know, that plane is an HOUR late.  So at 9:15 at night, I am now not leaving until 10:40 pm.  I called Melslaw to let her know the situation, then pulled out the laptop and was able to watch Parenthood online, an episode I had missed the night before.  (There was 2 scenes where the grandfather on the show - Craig T. Nelson from Coach fame - was watching my Arizona Wildcats basketball team.  Very funny how Tucson makes it's way into so many TV shows and movies, but I digress).  Just as my show is wrapping up, I glanced at the clock to realize we should be boarding but now there isn't anyone around me!  I asked the gate agent and the gate had moved...but only about 15 feet.  Wrapped up my show and onto the plane we went.  I think there were probably 20 people on the entire flight.  Texted Melslaw to let her know I was on my way and should be landing about midnight.  Texted J to let him know I was leaving San Diego.  And away we went.  I had a whole row all to myself so I was able to stretch out and get my foot up a bit.  That was nice.

Finally got into San Fran about 15 minutes late and found my way to Melslaw and her BF, JC, to pick me up and sweep me to their awesome San Fran apartment.  They had set up a great little air-up mattress on the floor and it was quite comfortable.  I asked Melslaw to turn the heater that she had on off because I was boiling.  Well that went away fast...who knew that the floor was so cold!  I was freezing all night and didn't very well want to wake up Melslaw or JC for help.  Anyway, after a while Melslaw woke up and determined that JC had fallen asleep on the couch and I told her I was cold, so I crawled into bed with her and was way better...mind you, this is about 6 am!  So I got a couple hours of good sleep and am finally warmed up...who knew CA could be so cold!  But now I must sign off to go get ready to go to a Giants game and have a great day with my BFF.

No more bumps please...although, truth be told they weren't that bad.  Time to have vacation.

Love Bleaders Love.


  1. (A) I love Parenthood, such a good show! (B)That totally sucks that it took so much effort to get your bag through and am glad they figured it out. That happened to one of my friends on our way through Paris, when, unbeknownst to us, we'd already missed the connection...and they actually went through her whole carry-on, piece by piece...caused a lot of stress! (C) Have a great time at the Giants game and tell Melslaw hello! I hope the rest of your trip goes VERY smoothly!!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the Giants game! Although we live in Tucson now (I could totally visualize your security affair), I grew up in Nor Cal, and my dad is a huge Giants fan. I was too...until I met my husband and he converted me to the Cubs. But either way, there's nothing like MLB games in the summer. :)

  3. Despite the rocky start, sounds like it will be nothing but fun from here on out! WTF with security?? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that they double checked (I mean, you do have an awfully shady look to you... you might as well have "terrorist" written on your forehead, lol). But a cheeseburger?? That's just weird.

    I caught that on Parenthood too! I was like, "wooo Adam look! He's watching the UA game!" But Craig's character on that show drives me NUTS.

    Have fun, and travel safe!


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