Wednesday, May 5, 2010

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N stories

Some of you may have surmised that I was doing out of the ordinary things last week, or you may have missed it completely, which was what I was aiming at.  I was trying really hard not to tell everybody in the free world that we were on vacation in Denver and Breckenridge, Colorado last week and a few days of the week prior.  But it wasn't easy!  Anyway, it's time for a little catch-up and of!

J and I left Tucson on April 22nd, bound for Denver, CO which for about 3 years was our home.  Upon landing in Denver and getting our car, it started to sprinkle, then rain, then there were actual buckets falling from the sky because it was raining so hard!  We found a place to have lunch, and as soon as we sat down the TVs in the place started talking about tornado warnings.  Raise your hands, how many of you think we wanted to go back to the airport and fly home?  Well, you wouldn't be very wrong!  But we didn't, we persevered!  Found our hotel and got settled. 

I was having drinks with my former boss that evening before dinner with CO friends, so I changed and dashed out leaving J at the hotel to nap.  Found the place and boss lady showed up and it was it always is with her.  She was an awesome boss and now I count her as an awesome friend and mentor.  She helps me through issues at my current job and just life issues.  And she told me she reads my blog!  She told me many things but a couple stick out and I need to write them down so I remember.  She said that if we ever moved back to CO I had to promise that I would only work for her!  She also said that she thinks of me as the "one that got away" as far as "kids" go.  So sweet!  And I am so mad at myself for not having our waitress take a photo of us!  Anyway, we're chatting along and I look at my watch and it says 5:30, and my head thinks, "no problem, dinner isn't until 6:30!"  She asks me what time I need to go and after I tell her she says, "it is 6:30!"  I (stupidly) respond, "no, it's 5:30."  Then realized that while I had changed my watch after we landed, I proceeded to switch watches when I changed clothes and didn't fix that one....OOOPS!  So after a quick hug and thanks, I darted out of there and texted J that I was on my way to get him for dinner and our friends to tell them we would be there shortly.

Thankfully the hotel wasn't very far from the restaurant I had been at or the restaurant we were going to and we were there not too long after that.  Lovely dinner with Michelle and Keith, a few drinks and lots of laughs.  We left dinner and went to another bar just to hang, and when we came out it was FREAKING's proof:
We took this picture right before our goodbyes...Michelle is taking it.  So COLD!

Friday morning, we got up and headed up to visit our old house and neighborhood.  Yes, we are that sentimental.  We apparently sold our house to some not-so-sane people so we wanted to see what they had done to it.  Well, they done good by us, just not the neighbors.  The house looked great!
And here is J looking at it (you can't see the tears joy in his eyes of our first home that we owned).
 After that, we decided to stop by one neighbor's home who was usually home during the day when we lived there (unbeknownst to us, now that isn't the case) but she was home surprisingly enough and her eldest daughter, Laura, was too.  So after lots of hugging and gawking at the teenager who was a full foot shorter when we left, we had a wonderful visit and chat.  Then it was time to hit the road again to pick up Michelle and head to Golden, CO for a tour of the Coors Brewery.  This was what the weather looked like:
 Lovely right?  NOT!  But we made it and took a little fun tour.  Here's some pictures.

Main Street in Golden.

J with all the beers the Coors MillerCoors Brewery makes.

J and Michelle enjoying the freshest beer ever (apparently, I don't drink the stuff).
Michelle and J enjoying the next few rounds of FREE BEER.

My "beer" that I didn't drink, just held and gave to J.
Gift shop fun!

Pretty view from the brewery.

We left the brewery and headed out to find WARM dinner, as it was freezing and we needed to celebrate Michelle's 30th birthday - one of the main reasons we were in CO.  It was wonderful and I finally got to have a drink!  Plus dessert was churro strips (just think of a churro, but really small and with vanilla ice cream - YUM!).  Then we headed back to Denver, stopping along the way for warmer jackets, we hadn't anticipated how cold it would be.

I am realizing this post is getting really long, so I am going to stop here and finish on a few others, as this is only day 2 of our vacation.  Stay posted for the rest!


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