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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N stories (part 2)

Time to continue....where were 3, Saturday, April 24th!

Saturday was a little least during the day.  Michelle, J and I went shopping...and you probably can guess how long that lasted.  About an hour and then J was ready to dart.  So he took the car and headed up to his old work to see if his old buddies were there.  They were not.  They had followed his idea and left town in search of better places to work and warmer climate.  So he came and got us, we dropped Michelle at her house and went back to the hotel to get ready for Michelle's 30th birthday extravaganza!

Got decked out and back to her place to pick her up...kinda.  We had determined that different people would probably want to leave at different times, so we dropped our vehicle and Michelle's vehicle at the new-fangled (well, to us anyway) light rail station near her place and then another of her friends drove us to the restaurant in down-town Denver.  Got to dinner where I was told that I could only have 3(!) margaritas and then I would be cut off!  I couldn't understand why...but then I found out! 

Colyn and Michelle (aka Birthday girl) - note the margaritas!

After dinner, we all headed out to another bar for what...more drinking!  And here's what happened:
Yes, that is a hula a bar (Maloney's) in Denver with sand on the floor in April! 

We all used to work together (Karen, Niki and Michelle), but we are all still good friends!

And this was right before we left, and Michelle had had a couple drinks! ;)

About 11 pm, J and I decided it was time to go.  (Yes, we know we are old.)  So we left the party (that was still in full swing) and headed out into the night.  I should tell you that I am in EXTREMELY high heels (something I do often) and it is still COLD!  First, we turn the wrong way out of the bar and are heading away from the light rail station.  We ask for directions from a Denver-ite and get turned in the right direction.  As we hoof it to the station, we have to sit down for a few minutes to let my feet recover.  We finally get to the station and now we have to figure out where we are going.  It's at this point that we both realize we know the cross streets of where we parked the car, but not the name of the stations....OOPS!  I text Michelle, not expecting an answer, and we kinda guess what ticket we should buy but figure out for the most part which train to get on.  Train arrives (still no text back) and we get on (in the warmth) and ride, and ride, and ride...45 minutes!  We had figured we would get off at the Orchard station figuring where the stations and the streets were, so it comes up and we get off.  Nope, not the right one!  Thankfully, light rail doesn't close until 2 am so we have plenty of time to figure this whole thing out...we hope.  I text Michelle again and she realizes our dilemma, and (GOD LOVE HER) thinking she is helping, gives us the cross streets of the station!  I text back that we need the station name and just about the time we figure out it is Arapahoe, she texts back with the name.  Well, at least they matched!  Now just to wait 20 minutes and get on the next train, and ride one stop down...equivalent of about 2 miles - maybe - and find our car.  Back to the hotel and finally warm bed and no more heeled boots!  
The other reason we had to leave early is the following morning, we had agreed to meet other friends at their church (which we really like) at 10 am.  I already blogged about the sermon, but if you want to re-read here it is.  After church, we headed back to their house, which they had packed up due to having sold it before moving to Alabama to be with family, but were lovely enough to still host a small lunch with friends we knew in Denver, mostly because of them.  It was a lovely day!
Our lovely hosts and former neighbors, Chris and Mary.

Mary and Addy, the wino dog.

Shannon and myself, sweet lady she is!

Macon and Sloan (Chris and Mary's children) - when we left they were 13 and 11, now are 18 and 16!  YIKES!
Mary and I.  I love this lady!
J and Chris, trouble times two, especially when there are vehicles and beer involved (not together!).

 I took this picture because I am thinking about a tattoo on my foot!  Isn't that adorable?!

We spent the entire day at Chris and Mary's and it still wasn't enough.  They are wonderful people and great friends.  I'm sad that we moved away and now we have to go to Alabama to see them, or convince them to come to AZ.  One will happen, I swear!  We headed home about 9 pm that night.
Monday, J got to sleep in and I did a bit, but had to get up and get ready because I was meeting old friends/co-workers for lunch.  So off I went, with J still in bed.  Drove all the way to my old place of work and (sad to say) I couldn't remember what floor I was supposed to go to!  Anyway, finally got there and saw lots of people I miss greatly!  We headed out to lunch for some good catch-up and laughter.
Molly and baby Rudd, isn't he adorable?  And already a girl flirter and girl watcher!
Kelly with Rudd. 
After lunch with my girls.  Molly.  

Megan.  We're laughing because she's kinda short, and in my shoes I towered over her, so I was squatting down.  This is also my former boss's daughter who works for her Mom, now you understand a bit more why her Mom is so important to me...she has the same situation we do!

 Kelly, my former trainer in Media...and still a trainer to me, that's her other job!
And Kristina...another awesome lady I miss a lot.

I left them and headed back to the hotel for some down time before dinner with another friend from that same place of employment.  J and I went to dinner at our friend Tami and James' house, and their daughter Chloe.  Chloe is 3 and so sweet.  She showed us the new house and helped make dinner.  Such a cutie!  I want one...a daughter that is!  Here's Tami and myself before we left.
Ah yes, the girls.  Oh, and Tami is pregnant with #2.  So happy for them and can't wait to know the sex.

This seems like a good stopping point since the next day we head to Breckenridge and I am sure you are tired of reading.  But don't give up, one of the best stories is on the horizon!


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