Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Fran Vacation update & pictures

I'm going to try to make this short and sweet, but you know me...I am long winded.  Two cities in one week can make for a long post!  So let's get started.

Flew to San Fran on Wednesday, May 12th in the evening (you heard some of the dilemmas here).  Once I was there, things were awesome.  Thursday, after Melslaw got off work, we went to a Giants game and had primo seats...seriously, she had been given tickets by her boss and when they told us where to go, her jaw hit the floor. (Oh, before I forget, I heard the best news on Thursday morning.  Busted Kate had found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago and was heading to Dr. H's office for an ultrasound.  They hadn't been to this point before.  I got a beautiful text about 10:30 am that simply said, "WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!"  I broke down into so many tears!  I was over-the-moon happy and told her so!  Here's her hubby's depiction of that day.)  Back to vacation!

Yes, that is home plate...RIGHT THERE!  Sad to say, the game wasn't very good...Giants lost to Padres, only 1 run for the Padres.  But we had fun!

Then we hit the street for some shopping, although - get this - I didn't buy anything!  SHOCKER!  We did find a pretty cool one-man-bad who was really good and young! 
 And I got to hop on the trolley for a photo op.

Finally headed home for some dinner and Grey's Anatomy.  I have never had Thai so Melslaw and JC ordered from their favorite restaurant, and I dove in.  It was yum-my!  Watched Grey's and finally faded off to sleep.  JC gave up his place in the bed again for the couch so I would be warm!  What a boyfriend she has!
Friday, we had manis and pedis scheduled so even though the weather was COLD, we were wearing flip flops.  My feet were frozen by the time we hit the salon, but the service was so nice.  Kind of an older style salon, so no massaging chairs, but the ladies did a great job making up for that with foot and leg massage.  Awesome!  Then, again it was time for shopping.  It had come to my attention that my jeans were dying, so I was in desperate need.  We headed to Nordstrom Rack, something we don't have in T-town (although I hear rumors we may soon) and we were on a tight schedule as another friend was flying in for Melslaw's birthday.  After an hour of trying on jeans (and finding nothing that fit how I wanted it to) it was time to go, but I was determined.  I begged Melslaw to leave me there while she ventured to the airport and since we had to go to another store when she got back that was way close, she obliged.  So I had another hour and a half to find jeans...and that I did!  3 pairs for $100, not bad!  Plus cute boots for way cheap too!  I was a happy girl!

Melslaw and Sarah arrived and we shopped a bit more, then headed to Costco for party supplies and food.  Found some cool stuff to take home, like a Camelback for $20!  J would love that!  Headed back to the house and ordered some pizza that wasn't Dominoes - YUM!  And finally we hit the hay, this time I was on the couch because I had a buddy and we were good. 

Saturday, we spent a lot of time turning Melslaw and JC's apartment into Fiesta-land.  And I think we did pretty good!
Finally, we were set up and the party was ready to begin.  Lots of people and lots of fun events...including pinatas and pin-the-tail-on-the-burro!
Apparently, even as adults we can't get this game down! 

The highlight of the party for me was running into someone I had gone to school with since 3rd grade and not having him recognize me.  I was standing with Melslaw when Dave (Felix) arrived with his fiancee, and he politely extended his hand to introduce himself.  I responded with my maiden name and his jaw hit the floor!  So then we caught up a bit and reminisced.  It was very funny!  (Later, in discussing the situation with JC and Melslaw, they determined that I look better now than I did in HS - I'm choosing to take that as a complement - and that is why he was so shocked!).  Either way, it was funny to me.

After an entire day of drinking and eating, we decided that not going out was a good idea, so we vegged on the couch for a bit and then hit the hay around 11 pm...yes, we are apparently old!  But we had to wake up for Bay to Breakers walk the next day!

The next day was an adventure and I won't post all the pictures, just a few favorites.  If you don't remember, or haven't read back, this is a 7 mile walk in San Francisco where people basically drink and dress up (and that could also mean having no clothes on as well).  We chose to use the sombreros from the party and mock the AZ Immigration Law a bit (don't get mad, we were just having fun - please don't post about the politics behind the law, that is a whole other post!).  We even had a "Border Patrol" agent with us.  Each of the sombrero wearing ladies had an index card on their sombrero with a saying, such as "Do I look Mexican to you?" - that was mine being that I am blond haired and blue eyed, or "14th Amendment, Que?", etc.  It was well received and we weren't the only ones there like that.  So here's our before picture.
Before the walk...
That's bacon.
Duff Man from the Simpsons.
Mocking Tiger Woods.  The backs of their shirts had texts he had sent to his mistresses, some quite explicit!
That is Oscar the Grouch - one of my favorites.
Just a shot of how many people were there, but I liked the mariachis and the random dude in the skirt!
Melslaw borrowed my maracas! (A cute story about the maracas....We had our sombreros tightly strapped to our heads because the wind was blowing a bit and a woman came up to me and I couldn't hear her, so I assumed she wanted my hat.  Anyway, she actually said, "Can I try your maracas?" to which I replied, "I can't take it off."  I heard about that one for a while!  But at least the ladies were laughing!)
Morgan being frisked by someone who didn't know if we should be "in the country."
That's Slider (from Top Gun) with my maracas and Melslaw.
Melslaw and the Burger King.
And my favorite, oompa-loompas!  A couple of which had too much "chocolate"!

Sarah and Morgan at "lunch" at 4 pm - after 5 hours of drinking! 

Melslaw and me!
What do you notice on each of our plates?  TATOR TOTS!  Apparently, this place specializes in them.  So I had the healthiest meal of Tator Tots and Mac and Cheese!  AWESOME!
After the walk, we were all a little beat!

So that was my San Francisco adventure and Monday morning VERY EARLY, Melslaw and I got up to go to the airport.  I managed to get all my goodies in my bag (even those maracas), and get to the airport with time to spare.  Flew to Vegas to meet up with my boss/mom, for a work conference.  I only have a few pics of that because taking pictures of speakers isn't really that entertaining.  So we have the following:
This is our room at the Aria.  It is the newest hotel in Vegas and uber-cool.  When we walked in the music came on, the blinds opened on their own, the TV came on, etc etc.  Very welcoming and swanky!
I was attempting to take a picture of our view, but couldn't use the flash because it was through a window.  So this is what you get when you don't use a flash at night.  That was another part of the hotel I believe.

Conference was good...lots of info and good speakers.  We did manage to see a show, purely by luck.  We were walking thru the casino and this guy stopped us and asked us if we wanted tickets to Viva Elvis which was showing at the hotel and a Circe de Soleil production.  After determining that it wasn't a scam, as he didn't want any money, we accepted 2 tickets (that would have cost $168 each!), headed out to find some food and then back for the show. It was pretty great.  Lots of high flying and dancing depicting Elvis' life.  Very cool!  Flew home on Wednesday night late, and I still am not fully caught up on life.  

That being said, I need to get to work!  So, there's my update for vacations and there won't be anymore vacations for a while.  Have a great week Bleaders and talk soon!


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    Ok, too much to say.
    a) thank you so much for celebrating my good news, and being such a big part of all this. You are the best!
    b) those are awesome seats!
    c) those pictures for the "run" are hysterical!! I'm so glad you had such a good time.
    d) I'd kill someone for those tater tots, they looks amazing.
    e) WHAT in the WHAT with your Vegas room??? Music turns on? Blinds open?? That's awesome!

    Glad you had fun, and glad you're back!


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