Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not much to say

Hello Bleaders, thank you for sticking with me.  At this point, I really don't have a lot to say...well, I do, I just don't have the time to write it.  I would usually find a break in my day to write about something, but lately I don't have breaks in my day.  With school and work and WW and working out and being a wife, I'm full.  I know life will be even fuller whenever we have a baby, but for now, it is full enough!

A couple short notes and then it is time for a shower.

BFF Melslaw was in town this weekend for her sister's graduation from HS so we got to hang out a bit, even though I had just seen her in San Fran for her birthday.  But probably won't get to see her again  until Christmas.  We went to lunch, dinner (different day), saw Iron Man 2 and I convinced her to go with me to the gym to try my workout routine.  I think she was impressed....at least I got that impression as she was panting and sweating through what I do.  Always good to see her...I do love her so!

Ah...the foot.  I may have mentioned this before I left for San Fran (I don't recall!) but my foot/ankle has been hurting me for some time now.  It started right before I left for San Fran and my only thoughts at the time were, "G-R-E-A-T, the one time where I know I'll be walking a lot and have the Bay to Breakers to do too!"  I had made a quick trip to the chiropractor, thinking he was the only one who might give me immediate relief, but it didn't help that much.  (Essentially, the bottom of my foot started to hurt about 3 weeks ago...along the right side.  Everyone would tell you it is because I wear heels, but when I would wear the heels, the pain would go away.  Go figure?!  As it progressed, it started to creep up my ankle - probably because I was walking differently due to the pain.  And it only hurts on days I walk with my friend, not days I go to the gym and workout.  Very odd and annoying!)  Finally, I gave in and went to the doctor on Friday.  Well, the Nurse Practitioner.  Got there for my 11 am appt at 10:50 am, and sat, and sat, and sat, and sat.  Finally, at NOON they came out and called me in.  I was a bit steamed, especially at myself because I hadn't brought my school books and I had just wasted a good hour.  She was in pretty quick after that (maybe another 15 mins) and poked around at my foot and asked questions.  Determined it was either Plantar Fasciitis or a minor fracture, so scheduled x-rays.  At this point, I am now starving so rush home to eat lunch and then off to the x-ray, this time with my school books.  Checked in, sat down, got called...maybe not that quickly, but very quickly!  They took maybe 5 different x-rays and told me the doc would call that day if it was serious or next week (this week) if it wasn't.  (Oh, and as I am taking off my shoes the technician says, "Is there a chance you are pregnant?"  That caught me off guard and I paused and said, "Well, there always a chance."  He replied, "should we not do the x-ray?"  To which I said, "We have been trying for 3 years, if this is the one time that I am pregnant when I need an x-ray, that is a really cruel joke.  We do the x-ray!" He laughed, but I think it was more nervous than funny.  Anyway, we did the x-ray!) No call Friday so I'm going with non-serious.  Let me also say this, I have issues with my ankles.  I have fractured and sprained the right one (the one giving me issue now) multiple times.  OY!

Hmmm...what else?  WW.  I weighed this morning and am up almost 3 lbs!  What the heck? I was good all week...heck, even great!  I worked out all days but 1 and ate much better.  3 lbs in a week is like I am on vacation!  What the heck? I ate well this week and not like I ate steak, I ate healthily!  OY VEY!  Of course the thought, "maybe I'm pregnant" goes flying through my brain but I think it would be impossible this cycle because I was gone during the right time of the month and if anything happens with my body lately, I think that.  Sad, but true.  So I am annoyed!  I will email my trainer for a pep talk!

I think that is about all I got!  Told ya, not much else going on in life except for studying! And more studying!  I'll be very glad when this class is over.  I was supposed to have Jury Duty today (rescheduled from when I was in Vegas), but I got excused!  YAY ME!  Other than that, I'm empty!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  If you are a veteran or acting military, police, fire department, border patrol, or anything that defends our freedoms, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your service.  Or your spouse's service.  Or your parent's service.  Or your sibling's service.  Or your friend's service.  What you do for us everyday makes this country so great and you aren't appreciated enough!  God Bless and thank you or your loved one for protecting us all!

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