Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Annual trip to the OB/GYN (Don't worry, no TMI!)

Well, it was that time of the year.  The annual trip to the OB/GYN.  It's always a hard one for me.  Kinda like going to the weight loss doc when you haven't lost the weight yet...oh wait, I do that too!'s sad because it is another year that I haven't called her to say "I'm pregnant!" and we both know it.  Especially, when I walk in with the big-ass fertility binder.  It's always heart-breaking and I get that look from the nurse because they know my history too.  And then I tell them over the past year I have had three IUIs and they all cringe and say they are sorry.  So how did I make this a great day?

First, let me clue you in to what I think of my OB.  I was in search of an OB about 3.5 years ago and asked a woman I swim with who is a pediatrician (and hopefully someday will be ours).  She recommended Dr. Riley.  So I went and I was instantly at ease with her.  She was honest, positive, outgoing, helpful, aware and never in a rush.  And after I left, I thought to myself, this is the woman who will birth my baby someday.  That was back in 2007. 

Then a year goes by and I start to think that I would really like someone who is closer to my house and J's work (Dr. Riley is across town and closer to my office - which is where I will probably always be when I need to go see her for ultrasounds, etc.).  And I go to my appointment expecting that I will not be as happy as I was the last time and that never happens.  I'm always impressed with her ease and passion and memory.  But mostly, her positivity.  She never shows that she is worried we won't get pregnant.  Oh, and did I mention that she had her child when she was 40?!  So she's been there too a bit. 

They had changed my appointment from 3:30 pm to 1:30 pm when they called yesterday.  I agreed to it if Dr. Riley promised to be on time...and they didn't, but I changed it anyway with the hope that since they were coming back from lunch, maybe they would be running on time.  Well, they weren't.  So I sat and read for a while and had a little break.  Finally was called in about 2 pm and then waited in the room for another 15 minutes - with my fertility binder on my lap reviewing where we had been this year.  Dr. Riley came in and as always was upbeat and smiley.  She asked how I had been and I immediately asked what was on my lap (the binder).  I told her and said, "I didn't feel right about walking around with a big binder that said - FERTILITY BINDER on it.  So I made something more fun!" She first noted how large the binder itself was (1.5")  and then how full it was with all our bills, notes, references, etc.  Then she mentioned how organized it was and how nice the cover was. 

I went on to give her a synopsis of our year - 3 IUIs, fertility drugs, stress, weightloss/weight gain, exercise and trainer while she looked through it a bit.  She listened intently and nodded a lot, indicating that she agreed with what I was saying and how I was feeling (i.e. "we have plenty of time to do this," "we aren't adding IVF to the CFP test studying," etc.)  She saw Dr. H's chart for the cost of IVF and read it over carefully.  She asked some questions and then went about her duties as my OB. 

When we were done I asked if she would be okay with me dropping off another empty version of the binder for her patients to review and possibly call me about purchasing.  She said that would be GREAT and she'd gladly show it off.  So not only do I have some incentive to do this, I have a place that people will actually see it for the audience that it is intended (pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant).  So now I just have to do it, price it and drop it off.

When the appointment was over, she wished us more luck and told me "I'll be so excited to see you when you do get pregnant!" and to study hard for the test that we had discussed.  She's just a great lady!!

So again I walk away from this appointment very happy that she is my OB and it doesn't matter how far away she is.  Plus, I always had to think twice when I went to the appointment because they only take checks and cash, no credit cards - and now they do!  I don't carry my checkbook with me ever.  For me, that is awesome and makes it all easier - because as today, I forgot the check and had to go get cash, then didn't need it. 

I survived the appointment without tears and with more hope that this will happen for us at some point.  If you need a good OB, I got one!

Night Bleaders...<3.


  1. I love my OB as well. But when I went in for my annual in September (before this pregnancy...but a day before the one-year anniversary of my first loss), I went through my history of three losses in a year for the nurse. She then promptly went through her list of questions--ending with "have you ever been pregnant?". Uh...yeah...I just told you I survived three losses. Ouch. When she realized her blunder, I think she was more mortified than me (poor thing was probably just going through her standard questions). But finding a great OB makes all the difference. I'm glad you like yours. :)

  2. i have an ob/gyn that i only went to to help me have a baby, before that i used my general doctor for the lady visits. i am not going back the the ob/gyn until i am pregnant because i don't feel like they are mentally prepared to talk to me as a non pregnant person. it was very awkward when i had my last visit there a year ago. Plus i only ever saw pregnant women in the waiting room and parenting magazines and it's too stressful for me.


  3. I'm glad to hear your appt went well, and you left feeling ok about it. I hate having to wait though..but only doctors get away with you! You have no choice! but for me as long as I don't feel rushed when I have questions and stuff I don't mind, cause I think each patient deserves the time they need.


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