Monday, June 7, 2010

Spot...who sees a spot?

I haven't been really concentrating on all the baby-making stuff lately, just living life - busy, busy life.  More on that later.  Anyway, last week when I posted that I was upset about the 3 lb gain, I emailed my trainer for some happy thoughts and being the smart fellah that he is, he asked, "Where are you on your female cycle?"  I can tell he toiled on how to phrase that for a while, but he and I talk about that because of all the fertility stuff...he's a tough cookie.  After laughing at the phrasing, I replied that I wasn't due until Saturday and this was odd.  I did let the day get me down and ate my way through it because I was STARVING.  Of course if anything crazy happens, I automatically jump to "pregnant?!"

Well, the next morning there was a surprise waiting for me.  My heart sank and I didn't work out...because I figured AF had arrived early.  But no still kinda thinking "pregnant" but then also thinking, "damn, are we back to this again?"  Anyway, that evening, nothing.  And the next morning, the full fledged pain was there.  So where I thought I was doing so well with no spotting for 5 months, that was annihilated last week when it began again.  I could hope that this is just a fluke, but I am afraid to get excited about that.  Maybe this is God's way of telling me it is time to go back to eating healthy a lot more, since I have been slacking lately.

Hmm...what else?  Stopped at the jeweler on the way home to see if they could re-create my beloved ring.  Seeing as they sent me to the place to get it replated, I knew they would feel bad.  Actually talked to the guy who recommended it, and he let me play out my sob story before I showed it to me.  I hate to even look at it now, but in there among the other gorgeous things, it just felt dirty!  He was sweet and agreed with me that they had messed it up (having seen it in most of its' glory).  Hopefully the price they come back with to re-create it doesn't break the bank, but won't know until we hear back.  Right now it has cubic zirconias in it ("diamonds"), so he suggested a different stone that would be cheaper.  I'm interested to see how they come back.

That's about it for now.  I weigh in tomorrow and not really sure which way it will go.  Hopefully at least down a little bit!

A little bit of explanation for my absentness lately...I'm in the middle of my last class for CFP (aka "big nasty") before I start studying for that.  Plus got a little behind with all the traveling in May, so in addition to class and studying for class, there is work, working out, and trying to have some fun in there.  Just a lot going on all at once, but definitely studying is the brunt of it...even on the weekends!  YUK!  Almost done, then the real fun begins, but the test isn't until at least not such a crazy schedule...just a lot of crazy information to cram into my head!  I feel like Kelly Bundy from Married with Children when she is on the game show and forgets the winning answer because only so much fit in her head!  ARGH! (I did manage to find the clip, let's hope it works!)

It's hot in AZ right now...really hot.  It's 100 degrees out at 9:22 pm!  OY!  I'm heading to bed for some relaxing time before my eyelids have to open again to walk with my pregnant Anna tomorrow early early.  What will I do when she pops?  I'll need another walking buddy.  The last two I have walked with have gotten pregnant fast...anyone up for some good karma?

Thanks for sticking with me Bleaders, even when I don't write a lot.


  1. i'm not happy about it getting to 100+ out there, ruins my daily walks. Yesterday I went to get the mail around 3pm and almost had a heat stroke.

  2. OOO...where and when do you walk? Maybe you will be my next buddy!


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