Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have a drawer

I have a drawer full of baby things...I started collecting them when we started trying (3 years ago next month - WOW!).  It wasn't anything I was buying for the most part.  Trinkets mostly from baby showers or baby fairs, or whatever.  At one point, I did buy a baby University of Arizona jersey because it was pretty cheap and the store selling it was closing.  I hesitated for probably a half hour in the store, but being a die-hard U of A fan, I couldn't pass it up.  I really try not to buy things for the baby drawer (which at one point was kept in the changing table I gave back to my friend), but every so often, something pops up that ends up in there. 

When I started knitting big time, I dug out my old baby blanket for sizing purposes (complete with the hole and the safety pin holding the hole together), so that went in the drawer instead of back in the box.  The U of A jersey.  The baby fair stuff when I went with Ms. T when she was pregnant with baby #2 (he's now almost 2).  And most recently, a book. 

I went to a baby shower today (with the finished the blanket that I finished last night at midnight) and we were requested to bring a book instead of a card.  While I was looking for a book, I happened upon one that I remember liking as a child so I bought it for my friend, along with two of my favorite Disney stories (Snow White and Beauty and the Beast).  I was intending to give her all 3 books.  But as they sat and sat on the counter, waiting to be wrapped, I just couldn't give it up.  So into the drawer it went.  But I can't stand there very long looking at that drawer...that is pretty full at this point.  I just keep feeling like I am shooting myself in the foot or wasting money when I buy something for the drawer.  Because at this point, there is no baby.

Will these things ever get used?  You all know the answer to that...I surely hope so.

I'm really down today.  Don't get me wrong, today had it's highlights - my hair for one.  But it started off with a late start because my alarm didn't go off.  Anyway, on my way there I stopped to pick up a ring I had dropped off to have replated because the gold was coming off and when they gave it back to me it was destroyed.  Not just bad looking, horrid!  Unwearable.  And it is one of my favorite rings that is now discontinued from the company I got it from.  It was just a bad situation when I picked it up to.  Nevermind that they had it for 2 weeks, during which time I thought they were fixing it, not wrecking it and losing stones so no one else can fix it.  I got my money back, but then the owner of the store started getting angry because I was asking them to do something impossible.  To which I replied, "I would have rather you said that than ruin my ring!"  So now I am bummed.  I like my hair cut and color and I did have fun at the shower, but this has made me sad today.

I'm done bitching.  It's time for alcohol.

Hope you Bleaders are having a better day than me.


  1. We have a chest. Things we've bought when we were so sure we'd be pregnant soon. It's almost full. Just found out my brother in law who got married in April is going to be a daddy. It's an oops baby. I know exactly how you're feeling and would drink with you right now if I could.

  2. I started a baby tub. It's just a rubbermaid container of things I've found on ridiculous sale. Some clothes. Some picture frames. I don't look at it as jinxing myself. I look at it as being prepared.

    Pass me a drink, will ya! :)

  3. We have a closet shelf in the guest bedroom, so I know the feeling. I pray that you get to put all the items to use someday soon! Go Cats!

  4. I have a closet of baby things I've collected for 5 years. Even some sad items that we got after finding out we were preggo, and then miscarrying. For years, when going to showers, I would often go there and pull things out to give away. I understand how much that hurts. HUGS

    And I'm also really pissed about your ring. WTF? Did they even acknowledge that they ruined it? Did you get your stones back?


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