Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy 8 and 9 month birthday my dearest Reese!

Hello dear Bleeps,
Yup, it's that time again.  Time for our 2 month check-in.  Believe it or not, blogging is on my list to do everyday, and somehow I just can't make it happen.  So here is Reese's last 2 months wrapped into one letter, again.  Argh....

My dearest Reese,
As always, your last 2 months of growing have been an adventure and amazing.  You are sprouting like a weed before our very eyes.  So let's start with what happened from your 7th month to your 8th month of life.

On your 7th month birthday, your Great Grandma Vance passed away.  We knew it was going to happen, but what a day to do it.  It also happened to be the day your Great Grandma Rowe passed away 2 years ago.  Such a coincidence.  So on a day when we wanted to celebrate, we were sad (and Mommy was sick too).  A few days later we had the funeral and while everyone came to bid farewell to your Great Grandma Vance, they also came with the hopes of seeing/meeting you.  And you did not disappoint.  A wonderful male singer sang Amazing Grace and you watched and listened to him with such awe, it amazed us all!!  Someone also tried to give you a rose to put on Great Grandma's grave and you very happily reached for it, even though we didn't let you have it after all.  You were very happy girl that day and made the day a bit more bearable for us all who were very upset to say goodbye to such a wonderful lady.

And so many more things happened after your 7 month birthday...

We moved you from a 3.5 hour schedule to a 4 hour schedule.  This means you now eat every 4 hours, then are supposed to play, then sleep.  You kind of do the opposite with playing, eating and then sleeping.  But it all works.

You started saying "Ba-ba-ba" or "Bob-bob-bob."  We haven't figured out who Bob is yet, but apparently you really like him.  You watch our lips when we speak and I think the wheels are turning in your head about how to say Mommy and Daddy, but we haven't gotten there yet.

You met your Aunt Melslaw, one of Mommy's best friends, and thought she was just so cool.

Mommy cooked up some more food for you and you tried zucchini, peas, and applesauce, among other things I didn't write down. You also had your first taste of water from Mommy's water bottle and surprised us all when you grabbed for it, then figured out how to sip through the straw and taste water, that compared to your milk wasn't very good.  But since then, you have become quite the water drinker...just like Mommy.

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving where both Nana and Papa (J's parents) and Gma and Grandpa (my parents) were here at the same time.  Of course you were the life of the party and everything worked out just perfect with you going down for a nap just as we wanted to sit down to eat.  It was a really great day and as always, Mommy's favorite holiday because right behind it is my birthday!

Mommy's first birthday as a Mommy was up next and that was fun as well.  We didn't do anything grand, but you were here so that was grand enough!

You also made strides you didn't even know you were making....like getting your 3rd tooth on the bottom, and then eventually your first 3 teeth on top - all at the same time!  Made for some cranky evenings and upsetting nursing days! So for all those counting we went from 2 teeth to 6 quick!

Speaking of yucky things, you had some severe diaper rash that made us all cringe when we changed your diaper and I think you weren't too happy about it either.   It took us a bit, but we got it under control.  (For those Moms or Dads out there, our magic potion was sitting her in a few inches of water after changing her, letting her air dry and then putting A & D Ointment on her bottom when we changed her.  Cleared up in a few days, but not quick enough for me!)

You also learned how to "flirt," mostly with Daddy.  You tilt your head to the side and smile angelically.  It's very cute.

And you met Santa and had your very first picture with him.  To me it is perfect! 

But probably my favorite advancement that you have made is smiling when you see Mommy or Daddy or anybody pop a camera up in your face - which happens quite often with the invention of camera phones!  It's the cutest thing!  You see that camera and a smile spreads across your face like wildfire!  Here's where we discovered that...at Target when you sat in the cart for the very first time with your cushion, which you loved!

And then we had your 8 month birthday photo!

From that point, you again had a busy month of growing and changing.

It started with sitting up unassisted entirely and crawling backwards.  A true advancement for you!

You also attended your first Christmas Party (well, it was at our house with Mommy's work) but you were the highlight of the night I think.  And you got to see all the Christmas decoration come out and discover the Christmas tree.  But I think your favorite decoration was some Hallmark dancing snowmen and penguins because every time we turned it on, you danced right along.  It was something I'll never forget!

You received some blocks from Fairy Godmother for Christmas and I think they are now your favorite toy.  You knock them down every time we build them up and you think it is the best thing out there.  The box got opened a little early, oops!

You attended your first Christmas Eve mass with Daddy, Gma and Grandpa.  And you looked pretty darn stylish doing it, complete with tights and shoes!

And we had your first ever Christmas, complete with opening presents!  You got most of the presents from under the tree and by the end of all of it, you had figured out that unwrapping was just part of the fun!  You also got a lady bug rocking "horse" that sings that you love.  That was the big present from Mommy and Daddy.

You gave your first wave to one of your favorite teachers, Ms. Liz, at daycare the day after Christmas.  And from then on, you have done  many more!

We had more new tastes for you too including blueberries and potatoes, both of which you loved!  The bib is thanks to Fairy Godmother - also known as Aunt Kirsti!

You are so close to sitting up by yourself from laying down, but I've seen you do it twice in your crib!  So I know you can with a little help.  Currently you grab Mommy's fingers and pull yourself up.

You celebrated you first New Year's Eve and like a true party animal, didn't want to go to sleep before midnight, but you succumbed at 8:00 or so...late for you!

Your 7th tooth (4th on top) came in and you had your first poop in the tub!  It was funny but gross!  You also got your new car seat that hopefully will last you many years to come!  We no longer carry you in the car seat, but carry you to the car to go in the car seat!  YAY!

You learned to do what Daddy calls "Indian" and it's so funny when you do it! 

And just before your 9 month birthday you got your first ear infection, really bad cold with cough and fever.  We went to the doc and were a trooper while we were there, you had a blast with the paper while we were there.  You weighed in at 19.7 lbs.  It's no wonder why Mommy and Daddy's arms are so strong!  However, once you had the antibiotics you weren't a happy camper as they messed with your tummy.  You threw up and freaked Mommy out!  But then were on the road to recovery and from then have been great.  You had to miss daycare because you were so sick and they missed you terribly!  Who wouldn't?!

 This is your 9 month photo!  I can't figure out how to make blogger put it upright!

And you with Fairy Grandmother when she came to visit for your 9 month birthday!  You LOVE her!  It was amazing after so long not seeing her you just went right to her.

Whew!  What a bunch has happened in the last few months!  But what hasn't changed (well maybe it has) is how much we love you!  We are amazed by you every day and can't wait to see you after work!  You are growing right before our eyes!  And we love you so very much dearest!