Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A thankfulness for IVF

Hi folks.  I know it's been a while and I haven't updated you on how our trip to Iowa went (great, just so you know).  And that was my intent with a little down time today.  However (and I may still get there), something else sparked my creative side today.

As I cleaned up after Reese had breakfast and she entertained herself for a minute (literally, a minute), I turned the TV on get ready to turn on her Bubble Guppies (favorite show on Nick Jr.) and the channel was on The Today Show.  They were showing a live transfer of eggs out of a woman during an IVF cycle.  I was nearly in tears as I watched this happen and then looked at Reese. 

Without IVF, she may have never been born. 

I guess the first "test-tube baby" was born in 1978, just a year before me.  And at that time, the success rate was 2%. TWO PERCENT SUCCESS RATE!  Holy crap.  That's so little!  We thought we were taking a gamble with a 20% success rate.  Which is now apparently up to 60% - just under 2 years later. 

I began to feel VERY grateful for that first test-tube baby. 

Very grateful for the doctors that had perfected the IVF process and still are working to perfect it. 

Very grateful for our doctor (Dr. H) and his entire staff, especially Holly (his nurse and IVF Coordinator). 

Very grateful for my OB/GYN who put me in touch with Dr. H and then lead me through my almost flawless pregnancy and birthed our baby. 

SUPER grateful for all of our family and friends and bloggites who stuck by us through the whole process and consoled my tears, jumped for joy with me, and did whatever they could to show their support, including my Belly Mama offering her belly if we needed it - which in the end we didn't.  But she offered...as did a few others. 

And IMMENSELY grateful for my husband, J, who was my rock during the entire process.  He wanted to be a Dad just as bad as I wanted to be a Mom.  And we got thru everything together. 

And what do I have to show for it all?

THIS little wonder who is now walking, saying words, "shushing", singing, and laughing.  
And my life is now more joyous than I could ever imagine.