Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CFP Decision and "I was right"!

I have again talked to more people about the CFP thing and while a bunch of you are very encouraging of taking the test in July so it is over with, I have decided to take it in November.  I would love to get it over and done with, but doing such a huge test with so little prep scares me and I really don't want to have to take it twice.  I discussed, at length, my situation with a couple people who actually lead the cram courses and this is how I came to this decision.  It wasn't taken lightly.  (I feel like I am letting you guys down gently while breaking up with you, but let me clarify...I am NOT breaking up with you!)  Anyway, case closed.  Decision made.  November it is.

On another note, I happened to actually hear what the statistic is for couples who deal with infertility (it was on The Doctors from yesterday's DVR) and I was right!  It is actually 1 out of 6 couples who deal with infertility.  I literally pulled that out of no where in this post. But apparently I was right on the money!  I was never one for statistics.  I just came up with that one because of my group of 6 friends who all have kids, except me.  Anyway, not often that I get to say I was right about stuff like this so I had to share it!

What else is going on in my life? 

I'm heading to San Francisco this evening to spend my BFF's 30th birthday with her and I am super excited.  Have to leave J at home for a girls' weekend, but it is beyond needed.  For just coming home from vacation, I will say it has been a stressful week and I am desperate need already of another vacation.  I was kinda down in the dumps yesterday due to an argument that J and I had (it was over stupid stuff and I hate those arguments...well, all arguments between us).  It has since been resolved, but it really sucked me dry of energy and sleep so I need some revitalization!  Thankfully though, I have many good friends and two that I can always count on helped pull me out of the hole that I had crawled into.  So thanks Volleyball Queen and Kimmy!  Love you guys!

Will try to post on vaca but don't hold your breath.  I may chuck the computer out the plane's window just to get some down time! ;)  All the while looking for celebrities!  Oh, and my buddy, Ryan Phillippe, is on Ellen Degeneres' show today.  Think he'll mention our meeting in the Tucson Airport?  I'm DVRing it just in case!

Later dear Bleaders!


  1. Have a WONDERFUL trip, and you should totally chuck the technology to get a break. Except for tomorrow when you'll get a text from me, then chuck it. Have fun, travel safe!

  2. 1:6! Good guess! I feel like I heard the number as 1:10 back in 2007 when we got married (and before we started trying). I remember thinking at the time: "Well good--I have two friends who are struggling, so that must mean that I'm fine!". Little did I know... Looking back, I now feel so horrible for thinking such a thing. I "tried" to be sensitive to my friends at the time, but my "I'm glad it's not me" attitude at the time shows that I had A LOT to learn about sensitivity and what it means to be a supportive friend.

    Good luck with the test and have a fabulous vacation!


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