Saturday, July 10, 2010

I was mad at my prenatals!

I had my annual doctor appointment this week (not OB since that was last month, just regular MD) and they always ask if my meds have changed from last year (they were prenatals, folic acid, etc.).  I kind of hesitated and she "ahem'd" and I admitted that I haven't taken my prenatals or folic acid probably since our last IUI in October.  I stopped all kinds of baby-making related drugs at that point and that included those lovely prenatals.  Busted Kate said she got mad at hers at one point and I think I agree with that.  I just didn't want anything to do with them anymore.  They weren't terribly expensive or hard to swallow, but they are PRENATALS and you should be taking them when you are pregnant, not for 3 years(!) while you attempt to get pregnant.  So yes, I was mad at my prenatals. 

How can you be mad at a non-living object you ask?  When you have to deal with it every day and it reminds you that you aren't able to procreate like other people, it's really easy.  I will say the folic acid and possibly the prenatals have helped my nails grow, which I love, but that is all I can tell ya.  Every morning, taking that pill was like a constant reminder that something in my body isn't functioning like it should be.  So yes I was mad.

Back to the doc.  She didn't read me the riot act, but I could tell she wanted to.  Now don't get me wrong, she knows the situation and that was the first thing she asked..."how was last year?"  I gave her the short synopsis: 3 IUIs, lots of fertility drugs, acupuncture, lots of money, nothin'.  She said that even if I wasn't taking a prenatal, I should take at least a vitamin and fish oil (that's her big sell) but it always links back to baby - "it will help baby's brain develop."  Previously, I probably would have screamed at her, "what baby?!" but I didn't, I just had it as a fleeting thought.  I promised I would go back to the prenatals, and I have, except yesterday I forgot - but that was only 1 day in a week.  I did buy her fish oil pills and promised to take them, and I have, except for yesterday of course. 

When we started trying, everyone said, "just stop trying and it will happen."  So we tried  to "stop trying" and that didn't work.  Now I really am not trying (I think it is bad timing - but quietly hoping that it happens even though)...and except for the fleeting thought that this week is the week, but I still have that thought in the back of my head..."what if this does the trick?"

I'm still a little peeved at my prenatals, but will take them per doc's orders.  Thanks for stickin' with me Bleaders, I know I haven't been posting as regularly as usual.  Again, not really trying so the blog doesn't get a lot of attention because that is what it goes for.  I am working on the weight loss again, joined a boot camp and have been feelin' the burn all week, and really trying to eat better, so you may see some of that posted.  Anyway, stick with me, life currently ISN'T DULL!

Love <3.


  1. I hate my prenatals too.

    When you get a moment please stop by my blog, I have something for you.

  2. Ha! I totally got mad at mine for a while too. I threw them against the wall and didn't take them for months. I finally started taking them again when we started trying again but I still am angry at them!


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