Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Follow up to "Am I pregnant?"

This will be short Bleaders, sorry, not a lot of time today.  But I have had more than one person ask me if AF showed up and the answer was yes.  She was a day late, but she came flyin' in with avengence and wreaked havoc for two days (yes, she may be mean, but she doesn't usually stay to play long).  I meant to post and with the holiday I forgot.  She was here, she is now gone, only to return next month.

We did have a great holiday weekend.  Spent Saturday afternoon and night at my trainer and his wife's house playing flip cup (well, J played, I referee'd because I don't drink beer).  For those of you who aren't aware of what flip cup is (we weren't before this party), it's a drinking game where you have a team and each person has about 2" of beer in their red cup.  It's a race.  So the first person drinks, then has to put their cup (open end up) on the edge of the table and try to flip it over without man-handling it, once that person does it, the next person drinks and flips, then next, next, next, until the last person does it.  The team who finishes first wins.  It's anybody's game.  We had people flip the first time and we had teams win because the other team's first person couldn't get it flipped.  J even got MVP of the game...but the next day, he wasn't feelin' like no MVP.  He was H-U-R-T-I-N-G.  He said to me Sunday morning (when I got home from swimming for 90 mins - YAY me!) "I think next time I'll play flip cup with water." to which I replied, "or maybe just don't play ALL the rounds!"  Anyway, he recovered and is back to normal.

Sunday, my folks came over for some smoked ribs and chicken, and all the fixin's and we played the new Wii.  It was a lot of fun and my Mom had her highest scoring bowling game ever, with my technical expertise - I showed her how to "Granny bowl" and she was getting up to 4 strikes in a row!  Dad and J weren't too happy with this technique because it wasn't "right" but it worked!  And we had homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries (get it...red, white and blue - I'm so clever!).

Monday, poor J had to work because his boss is stupid.  I had the day off because mine isn't!  I slept in, and then went to lunch with a friend who I had lost touch with for a while.  We had a 3 hour lunch and I got to hold her freakin' adorable 2 month old - 7 lb baby (she is tiny!).  It was awesome to hang out again and we're both going to try to do it more often! 

And lastly this morning, I attended my first Boot Camp session with my friend who is a trainer (different from my trainer).  Sweet Christine kicked my butt hard, but I survived and even kept my stomach happy, whereas others did not - yowza!  I will be going back on Thursday!  It was great fun (I can say that now that I finished it), but I feel accomplished!  Hopefully this helps the weightloss battle.  And on that note, the scale was down .8 lbs this morning even after a weekend of July 4th parties!  YAY ME!  Probably would have been more without the parties...but I'm okay with that.

Here's a pic from my friend Anna when I went to see her and the newest addition to their family last week.  I don't say this very often, but this is a GREAT picture of me so I have to share!
 This is baby Belle (born 6-29-10 about 5:54 am - when her Mommy and should have been on one of our walks - thank goodness we weren't) and me.  Someday I'll have a picture like this of my child to share!

Thank you to all those of you (or your families or friends) who have served in any branch of the military, who currently serve or whoever will serve in the future!  We couldn't have this great country without you and your efforts to defend our freedoms!

PEACE!  Back to work folks. 

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  1. You will get one of those pictures some day. I wish I could do something to make it happen faster for you. Hang in there. I think about you often!


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