Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cycle Day #18 - IUI Cycle #1 - Weight and Test

First, I weighed in this morning and low and behold I am down! YAY! Not only down, but I broke through the barrier of the 1*0! Now I am at 1*9! So I lose a point from WW but it is well worth it! I won't tell you what the middle number is, but you get the idea! Just know the 2nd number given is less than the first even though it may not look it!

Second, I passed my CFP 3 (Income Tax) test! I hate these tests because I feel that I know the material and then it comes around and it feels like I am being tested on how well I test! Not very nice. But I passed and that is all that matters! Now just 2 more modules to go before the big kahuna test of THE CFP! (dun dun duh!)

Now on my feelings for the day. I feel hot. Really hot! Not because I lost weight, but just feel flushed. Debi said that was good yesterday, but it's not very fun. Oh and my boobs are shrinking! Anything but boobs and feet, I am good with! Too much invested in shoes and I kinda like my breasts the way they are! But I refuse to buy a new $35+ bra when I am hoping to be pregnant and I know they will grow again. Have to find an old one that fits!

I'm taking the last 30 mins of the day off. Heading to WW at 4:15 pm for my meeting, then maybe groceries so I don't have to tomorrow. We'll see. Other than that, I am elated about today. GO ME!

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