Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cycle Day #13 - IUI Cycle #1 - Trigger shot in the middle of the night

So after the crazy events of yesterday, I couldn't seem to calm myself down. I tried. I grocery shopped, but I flew threw there in an effort not to spend a lot of cash and to get home to discuss the day's events with DH. He had made dinner (GOD LOVE HIM) so it was ready when I got home. He even unloaded the car while I changed out of my work clothes (that made me feel so skinny yesterday, loved that!). I knitted and I even studied for a while in hopes that I could feel confident and maybe take my test tomorrow! But I was still nervous about the shot.

So DH and I went to bed and BD'd. He was tired, as was I, and I kept thinking, "all you have to do is BD to your wife, I have to give myself a shot in the middle of the night! You've got it easy man!" So I was kinda getting annoyed, but I had to not let it show or he would get mad and then we wouldn't be able to BD and that would go against Dr's orders! So we did. And I laid with my hips elevated for 15 minutes like I am supposed to. By that time it was 11 pm and not really worth going to sleep to wake up in 45 minutes for my shot, so I read.

I'm reading an old book right now - Joy in the Morning. I read it every couple years. It was written long ago and is set even longer ago (i.e. dinner for the characters on an expensive night is .50!). It is funny to read about all the things that they don't know about sex, condoms, AF, and life in general. How we have changed! Anyway, read that for a while. I had set the alarm on my phone to go off at 11:30 pm, 11:35 pm and 11:40 pm, figuring if I was asleep then I would have back-up. Every time it went off (DH was asleep by now) would wake up a little bit. Finally the last one went off and I got out of bed. DH said, "Good luck and be careful." He had reiterated the Dr's instructions to me about 3 times already making sure I remembered what I was told. So I headed downstairs where the pre-loaded needle sat in the fridge.

I took it out and re-read the instructions with it that weren't as descriptive as the nurse at the Dr's office. I swabbed the area (on my belly, about 2 inches to the right of my belly button and down about the same distance. Then got the needle out of it's packaging and did all the things the nurse had told me to (mess with the plunger a bit so it gets unstuck, get the air bubbles out, and push the plunger so just a tiny drop of the meds comes out). I looked at the clock, 11:44 pm. I looked at the needle and positioned it. I looked at the clock again, 11:45 pm. Time to do this. I looked back at my belly, pinched about 3 inches of skin slightly and my hand just did it. Not fast, but good. I stuck it in (and it really didn't hurt, not anymore than a pin prick) and made sure the needle was straight and all the way in, released the skin, and slowly pushed the plunger down expecting some sort of sensation. Didn't feel a thing! Pulled it out, pressed on it for a couple seconds and no bleeding, so we were done. I was amazed I did it! But I guess when you want something as much as I do, this was nothing! Especially compared to the road ahead when we get pregnant.

So put it back in its packaging, and in the trash, turned the lights off and came back to bed. DH said, "that was quick, how'd it go?" I said fine and it really didn't hurt. Finished the chapter I was reading in my book, turned off the lights and to bed we went.

Now the instructions said that I might feel soreness at the injection site or a variety of other things. I don't know that I have soreness, but I do have that tightness that I have been talking about. I would love to believe it was from all the ab work I am doing at the gym, but I don't know that it is THAT much. It just feels like someone is stretching my skin, not a cramp of any kind, just tight. The follicules that were big were from the right ovary, so that could explain a little pain. Anyway, no adverse effects this morning. Just tightness and waiting. Now we wait. Tomorrow at this time I will be working out with my trainer, and then off to the showers, then off to the Acu, then off to the Dr.

7 am - work out with trainer

8 am - shower and freshen up

8:45 am - DH should be dropping specimen off, me at Acu ready for Debi to calm me down

9:45 am - both back at the Dr.'s office and ready to be inseminated!

What a crazy day that will be! Will report after it all goes down and it might be a novel!

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