Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cycle Day #15 - IUI Cycle #1 - DH's Epiphany

So I know I already wrote this morning, but 3 big things happened tonight that I would have NEVER expected.

We went to dinner with some friends for a birthday and of the 7 of us there, one couple had a 2 month old baby. We all finished dinner and baby comes out of his car seat. DH is sitting next to the Father of said-baby. I think I actually hear DH say, "Give him to me." And I watch (with eyes wide as saucers) as he takes the baby from the Daddy and coddles him, and looks so happy. It was something that RARELY happens. DH has told me before that he is worried about "breaking" some one else's kid. But tonight, he was all over that baby. (#1)

Then we get in the car for everyone to come back for dessert and he tells me that he wants to learn everything he can about being a Dad. Friday (apparently) it became real to him that we could get pregnant and this could actually happen. And it hit him like a ton of bricks apparently (he was a little out of sorts it seemed during the IUI). He was happy about it, but it also surprised him. So now he wants practice and to learn how to hold babies, and change babies, and do everything! He said he wants to be a hands-on Daddy. I was amazed. (#2)

Anyone that knows my husband knows he is not a sweet guy (ha, ha) - I mean that he doesn't really care for sweets. He likes the occasional cookie or candy, but not really cakes and definitely not icing. So we brought the party back to our house and one of our friends had made this Coconut cake. So we start cutting it up and DH takes a piece and he not only downs it, he asks for #2! I was amazed and obviously need the recipe. Plus he asked for left overs. What has happened to my husband?! (#3) Whatever it is, it sounds for the best.

Night folks! Maybe this is what God has been waiting for for us to get pregnant. Let's hope so! What a wonderful Saturday night!

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