Monday, August 31, 2009

Cycle Day #24 - IUI Cycle #1 - Weekend catch-up and today

Okay, wow - a lot to catch up on. We'll start with the weekend and then go to today.

Friday - got lots of work done and then finished packing so when DH got home we could leave almost right away. He called about 4 and said he would be home by 4:30 pm. He got home and we almost immediately left for our road trip to Tempe. Took us about an hour and a half to get there which was great. Found the hotel - very nice place. Built into the side of a mountain. On the way up the drive, DH said, "are you sure we can afford this place?" I assured him we would be fine. Checked in and found our room. Kind of an odd lay out - long hall way to walk in and then the edge of the room curved around. Bathroom wasn't completely closed off - top part open and swinging almost "saloon-type" door. Nice but unusual. Anyway, by now it was almost 7 and we were close to starving. DH goes to Tempe every-so-often for school so he knew of a good Mexican restaurant (Manuel's) close by and we went there and indulged. I was SOOOOOOOOOOO full afterwards. He was so cute during dinner. He kept saying, "I'm trying so hard not to tell anyone about our procedure until we know for sure but I am so excited about the prospect of this" and I asked if he wanted to know the sex and without even thinking he said, "of course! I want to start on that room!" It was really sweet to see he is so excited. I just hope we have reason to be excited. We waddled back to the room and to bed we went - about 10 pm. We are party animals!

Saturday - I woke up several times (I think I was excited to see Kirstin) and finally about 7:30 am decided to read for a bit. I got out of bed around 8:45 am and got ready. Headed over to the restaurant at the hotel about 9:25 and just as I walked in, there she was! (I love you Kirst!) We had a great hug and I'm sure people didn't know what to think but I haven't seen her in WAY TOO LONG! So we sat and had coffee and ate a very leasurely breakfast and caught up. 2 hour breakfast I should say. It was so nice to catch up and face-to-face no less. Took pictures afterwards since the last ones are from her wedding I believe - 3 years ago! Here is one...
I headed back to the room and Kirst went home to get ready for the evening's events. About noon, our friends Sara & JP and their 2-year-old son Caden came to the hotel for some pool time. We hung out in the heat and the pool and watched Caden have a ball in the pool, throwing stuff (and himself) into the pool. It was great to catch up with them and just have nothing important to do for the day. We had lunch and got some nice sun. Below is a pic of Caden being tossed in the air by his dad and chillin' with his mom. (Sara told me later that whenever she is with Jason and they leave, she tells JP "I love Jason! He is just so fun!" Nice to hear that about the man I love!)
Sara and family left about 2:30 pm and DH and I stayed in the room for a little fun, but decided to vacate after a bit so housekeeping could come clean. We walked around and investigated the pool area (which was huge) a bit, I went down the water slide and we just hung out in the pool and in the sun, until we got too hot! Tempe is SO much hotter than T-town! I would die if I lived there! Came back to the room and got ready for the evenings event - showered and dressed up. Left the hotel about 5:45 pm so we could find parking. Found the place (LaBocca Pizzeria) and we were some of the first people there so got to see Scott and Kirst for a bit before the masses showed up. Will and his date, Colleen, showed up and I finally got to meet her. They have been dating 2 weeks, but seem inseparable. Very cute. (Funny story about her - I was introducing her to Kirst's dad (Dad-Ryan) and he said, "oh, are you Will's wife?" It was kinda loud so he didn't hear us say no, and then he asked again, "did you come from MI with him?" Finally got it to him that they were just dating. Colleen handled it like a champ?) (2nd funny story - I wasn't drinking obviously and had said it more than once in front of Will. He made a face and mentioned that I had said that more than once. Anyway, later in the evening I ordered an iced tea and Sara said something about caffeine and how she had it during her entire pregnancy and she was fine, Colleen leaned over and asked if I was pregnant and I told her we were trying and had tried something else recently and were hoping it worked. She wished us luck!) Sweet lady!

Saw more and more friends as the night wore on and some very important adopted-parents.This is my "Mom-Ryan" and I can never get enough of her. To top that, she is writing a children's book and has survived Breast Cancer. What a woman! So beautiful!

The next event was Kirst blowing out her candles - I don't know if they actually put 30 on there, but I was afraid the sprinklers would go off! (love you K!)

Followed by some love from her sweet hubby-Scott! He was the instigator of this whole party and what a party it was! So fun!
And finally DH and I got to have our pic taken and it came out pretty good! He smiled at least!

So about 10:30 pm our crowd is starting to dwindle and head out (to party more!) while we were tired. We start around to say our good-byes to the adopted parents, Kirstin, Scott, Sara, JP, Holly and Dominique. Scott hugs me and says the sweetest thing to me. He said, "You are one of those people that is always at the top of the list and I knew you would come even if there was a flood. You are such a good friend to Kirst and me!" So sweet! It's nice to be appreciated like that. I told Kirst I would call her on Wed (her real 30th) and she said that I would also call her on Friday. I said, "Why?!" She tried giving me "an eye" but I missed it, so I repeated my "why?!" and she said "if I can't call you, I expect you to call me!" Then it clicked! So many lovely people wished us luck and were interested in what we are going through. So nice to have friends like that! So we hugged again all around and finally headed back to the car. Only to discover, that the $8 we paid for parking was in waste because all the street parking was free on Sat night! I had a sinking suspicion that might happen, but I didn't research it. Oh well! Live and learn! Got Taco Bell on the way back to the hotel because DH was hungry and I got more than I should have. But ate it all none-the-less! Scale didn't like me this morning! Finally to bed - again about 11 pm! Party animals, I tell ya!

Up about 9 am for breakfast at the hotel and to check out and go shopping! Good breakfast and last pictures of the trip. Now he wasn't smiling - not a morning person!
Back to the room for a final check and off we go. (After we got home I realized I had forgotten to check the closet and left my dress, a tank top and one of DH's shirts in it! OOPS! Never done that! Called the hotel and are waiting to hear if they found it! I hope so, I love that dress!) We headed to Arizona Mills Outlet Mall for this store I love - Windsor - that isn't in Tucson. DH and I decided to split up and go our separate ways. I found odd stores I thought would have stuff (looking for a purple purse and maybe some cute work clothes) but found nothing until I hit Windsor. I demolished the store - grabbed so many things and then disappeared into the dressing room. Ended up only with about 4 things but very cute! DH had called and was waiting to "discuss something" meaning he found something he wanted! So I headed his way and went to look at Reebok pumps - yes Reebok pumps! They are back apparently! Anyway, he showed them to me and I wish I had taken a picture - they were the UGLIEST shoes I have ever seen! They looked so odd on his feet and for $70 no less! He asked my opinion, and I tried to tell him nicely. He got mad that I didn't like them and I told him he could buy them with his cash, and he decided not to - THANKFULLY! They were hideous! So now he is a little ticked and we head out of the mall.

Kirst had called that morning to see if we wanted to have lunch or just see their house which was close, so we headed over there and hung out for a bit. Nice to catch up without all the noise and hub-bub! Very chill and just relaxing. Then to grab a quick bite at Baha Fresh - again not in T-town - and head home. Only took us 90 mins again and a quick stop at Mom and Dad's for work. Finally made it home about 6 pm. Started laundry (this is when I noticed the missing clothes) and tried to get ready for the week. Both of us were in bed by 9 pm and still tired this morning! But I did go workout!

(Oh - side note - Sat night I had a very graphic and bloody dream about a friend of mine becoming an actress, and then being on TV on 2 different shows on the same night and being killed in each of them, then being killed in real life outside our church, then helping her husband and kids cope with the loss. Very sad and realistic dream! I almost wanted to call her when I got up to make sure I was wrong! Scary, scary. Pregnancy symptom?)

Ok, real quick about today. It was just a very frustrating day. So tired and didn't want to get up. Then worked out and my elbow was hurting again. Got ready and felt fat from all the bad eating of the weekend! Got to work and one of the girls was out, so I had to pick up some of her work. Then had to rush to get things done unexpectedly and then twice and then neither was right, plus run things up to Mom at the house. I was kind of grumpy when I saw her so I decided I would come home and eat and then take a cat-nap. Cat nap turned into 2 hour nap. But my mood was much improved after and I worked until 7 pm to make up the time lost. Got a lot done and now ready for bed again. I think that is all the events of this weekend. Oh, one last pic to show you how much our animals missed us...

Kitty wanted to be in the suitcase so bad, DH had to carry her up the stairs with it and Sierra was right behind. Good to be home and now good to go to bed! Night folks!

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