Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the answer is...

It was apparently nothing! Damn it! This sucks!

So called the doc's office this morning to get their take on the symptoms I have been having and see what they think. She explained the headaches could come from the drop in estrogen after there is no egg in the uteran lining. So I guess we start over yet again. Asked the nurse about the IUI and she said the drugs associated with it aren't as hard on the system as the Clomid, so Dr. H is calling later today to discuss. I think I am finally ready for this next step. Now just have to figure out how it goes.

And we go again!

I haven't worked out since Sunday because I haven't felt good at all. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can get back to it.

UPDATE: Got the new fertility drugs and start on day 3, but have to get to day 1 first. Hopefully this round works and we don't have to do it twice. This definetly isn't the cheap way to get prego, but the other drugs aren't that cheap either. Wish us luck, the doc will have a hand in it this month - we go for IUI now! Will keep you posted on all that happens! Should be entertaining at the very least.

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  1. sorry honey. hang in there. I think talking to the dr. about an IUI is a good idea.


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