Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cycle Day #20 - IUI Cycle #1 - Signs?

Nothing huge to report. Still taking my pills twice day. Noticed a few possible signs today, but nothing major. A little acid-reflux (attractive, I know!), a little soreness in my shrinking-boobs, and some fatigue. Minor cramps in my abdomen, but nothing that requires drugs. My back has been hurting all day. Don't know if I am slouching (I do this a lot) or if it is "something else"! But these are present at this time.

I get in the very bad habit of thinking this won't work for us. It has been so long of seeing negative tests, that I am wondering if it will EVER turn positive! Hopefully yes! DH has been really can tell he is dying to know, just like me. He keeps asking when we can test and trying to figure it out. Last night he said, "you can test a week from today right?!" I said, "nope, not until next Fri or even Sat." That led to a discussion of "what-ifs" and if it said no or yes how we proceed. I love that he is interested in this and I can't wait until I get to tell him yes! Probably won't be "telling" him, will be crying/screaming/talking in words only dogs can hear! Alright, off to the pet store for food for kitty, then home to pack! We leave for our mini-cation tomorrow afternoon! So excited! May blog tomorrow, but not Sat for sure and we'll see on Sun. Sun or Mon's blog may be large because it will encompass the whole weekend! Have a great one folks!

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