Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cycle Day #12 - Ultrasound - OMG!

So worked out this morning and met DH at Dr. H's office at 8:35 for 8:45 appointment. Got called back at 9:15 am, and no one really said what to do, so we just sat. I finally flagged someone down and said, "should I change?" as we have never done this before. So changed, and waited, about 9:30 Dr. H walks in and the ultrasound begins. Good uteran lining, "thick" he said. Not much going on on the left, but on the right I had a couple large follicules and a HUGE one. He was happy to see that and said that Friday would be our day to inseminate! Friday!? OMG! I was thinking next week, but FRIDAY of THIS WEEK! Holy cow! He said to BD tonight, not tomorrow and then Friday and Saturday. Then he drops the bomb, "the nurse will show you how to give yourself the trigger injection after you get dressed." SHOT?! My first thought was, "I hope it comes in a shot glass!" No luck. Needle that I have to give myself. YIKES! So not only do I have to give myself a shot, but I have to wake up at 11:45 pm today to do it! Sounds like so much fun and so sexy and romantic right?! Left Dr. H's office and DH went to work, I headed to the Apothocary shop real close to get the drugs. When I got there I got a call from the office about a couple questions I had asked the nurse. Sat at the pharmacy for another 15 minutes. So now it is 9:55 am and I have a 10 am meeting 15 minutes away!

Anyway, made it to the office with the needle! YIKES! And now need to get back to work, but didn't want to forget the events of this morning! Plus, when I walked into the office at 10:05 am, I hadn't yet had breakfast, so while I was meeting with the client (thankfully, it was an informal meeting) I am eating breakfast. What a morning!

So prayers would be nice and at 9:45 am (or there-abouts) on Friday I will be inseminated. Scary and exciting all at once! All prayers welcome!

UPDATE: So it is now 5:09 pm and I am still kinda freaked out by all of this! I just can't fathom that we are actually going to DO this, that it has COME to this, and that I have to STICK myself tonight at 11:45 pm - which is way past my bedtime! Meaning, that I actually have to wake myself up at 11:45 tonight to the joy of sticking myself in my tummy with an inch needle. I have been told it isn't that bad, but I also have never stuck myself. I don't even watch the nurses stick me when they do it, so am I just supposed to close my eyes and poke?! DH won't do it because his aversion to needles is far worse than mine, they usually give him a Valium before to calm him down! I've been concentrating on deep breathing all day and that has helped, but at the hours creep closer, I get more nervous. There may be a blog at 11:45 pm tonight, depending how it goes. Hopefully I can go right back to sleep when I am all done. Thankfully I am working at home tomorrow, so if there are any side-effects (as I have heard there are - fatigue, pregnancy like symptoms, etc.) at least I will be in a place where I can lay down. I am considering taking my test on Fri, but I also don't want to be so stressed out that little "eggie" doesn't attach, so may just be studying away. Maybe Sun? Because the following Fri we are going to Tempe and I would hate to not pass and then go see friends, well, might not be bad. Anyway, time will tell. Later folks!


  1. The trigger shot is not that bad. Couple of things to know though...

    1. The trigger will give you false +s on a pregnancy test for about 10 days after taking don't test early after you IUI. Wait until you get the Ok from the dr. or do the beta test.

    2. The shot gives you some PG like side effects (sore boobs, tired, etc.) Try not to determine if they are real symptoms or just the shot.

    Are they going to put you on progestrone too?

    Good luck!

  2. I'm just worried about doing the shot itself. Any advice there? Just close my eyes and do it?

    I will be on progesterone (I have been for the last 4 months) so will do again when doc says so.

    I am so nervous! This feels like the big time now! Going to acu on Fri morning before IUI and then home to work from there and lay down a lot. Was thinking I would take a work test on Fri, but now might wait due to the stress level. We'll see!


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