Monday, August 17, 2009

Cycle Day #10 - IUI Cycle #1 - Acupuncture is nice

I was a good girl this morning, got up and worked out, had a full and productive day at work, and went to acu with Debi this evening. However, on my way to work this morning it dawned on me that I needed to tell Debi of our new "plan" for this month. So called her on my way from the gym to the office and updated her. We decided tonight was a good idea because I haven't been for 2 weeks, so I was due and then after we met with Dr. H on Wed we would have his idea of when she should stick me around the insemination (before, after, both?). So will see what Dr. H says and plan for Debi around that time period.

The month went from non-busy to social butterfly time. We have a birthday dinner for one of my "brothers" this weekend, and next weekend we are going to Tempe for one of my best girl friend's 30th birthday. We have some air miles so decided to get a swanky hotel and make a little fun weekend out of it. Now just have to figure out which hotels take the air miles, and must figure it out tomorrow so they can get here in time! But that is kinda exciting to have a freebee weekend in a nice hotel and not have to worry about everything else for a while! Just get away and sleep in and lay by the pool!

Mom's birthday is on September 4th and I would love for her birthday present to be telling her she will be a Grandma, but I don't think we will know by then. So may try to delay until we know. Or maybe is better not to and just go on with our lives and figure out another fun way to tell her if we are pregnant!

I feel like I had a good day (i.e. good day at work, figured some big issues out, got along with co-workers, no stupid people at HO for the most part) but when I got home at 7 pm(!) to my husband, he made me mad. Not mad at one thing (not screaming, cussing mad, just annoyed), but he was sitting on the couch talking and I couldn't hear him in the kitchen and when I asked him to come to the kitchen so I could hear while I COOKED DINNER, he asked why?! And then it went bad from there...everything that came out of his mouth sounded like criticism or whining! Plus, football is on tonight so I am sequestered in my office studying at 10 pm, while he takes over the living room! See, went from great to annoyed, not bad, just annoyed. I'm going to go read and relax, and go to bed!

Night folks! Have a great week!

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