Friday, August 28, 2009

Cycle Day #21 - IUI Cycle #1 - Randomness

So if you know me, some of you know that I am allergic to cheap jewelry. Okay, maybe not cheap, just stuff that isn't 14k plus in gold and silver doesn't go very far. I know many people say this, but for me it is true. On our first Valentine's Day together, DH gave me a beautiful necklace and earring set that was silver. I wore them because I didn't want my new bf to think I was pulling his leg, but after about 2 weeks, the scratch marks on my neck and ears were starting to bleed and he "noticed" and asked what was going on. I told him of my allergy and he felt bad, but understood. I can't wear that kind of stuff for long. (I swear this is going somewhere, just bear with me a minute, I have to set it up).

Over the years, this seems to have subsided a bit - I still can only wear Swatch watches and those without any metal on them what-so-ever, so I freak out a bit when I see a Swatch store. (As a kid, I either wore a Swatch watch or a metal watch with a band of material under it, which maybe wasn't the most attractive and did get sweaty in this AZ heat, but it helped. Rashes take anywhere from 2 to 10 days to subside!) In order of quickness of rash we have fingers, wrists, neck then ears. So I have quite a few earrings that I can wear for a day and not have any issues. ANYWAY, yesterday I wore a set of earrings, that I love, and by the end of the day my left ear was itching LIKE MAD! Even this morning, it is still red and irritating. Now, the other one isn't, which is odd. Anyway, I'm choosing to attribute that to my body changing and my allergies coming back because of "something new" happening to this body! Positive side right?!

Just a few little bits of work to finish, and then we are off to Tempe for the weekend with a friend staying at the house with the animals. So excited just to have a break! Time to finish up work and then relax before the ride! Have a great weekend all, I know I will!

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