Monday, August 24, 2009

Cycle Day #17 - IUI Cycle #1 - New Workout

No huge news today, it is after-all only CD #17. Nothing exciting should occur until about CD #28 or after. This morning was the first morning of this month that I did the Progesterone and that will continue until 1st Trimester is through (me hopes this one) or I get a negative test. No side effects that I have ever noticed as it isn't a hormone, but just gives me more of the good uteran lining so that little egg can attach and "stick" better.

Still very aware of my uterus and today I seem a bit jumpy - maybe that isn't the right word, nervous? Nothing spectacular happening today, so I am chalking it up to that my body knows I am pregnant and it is excited about that! Or the lady at Dunkin Donuts gave me regular coffee when I specifically asked for decaf! I like the properties of coffee - so just drink the decaf! But I hope it isn't option #2.

Did my new workout this morning (changed 2 of the exercises and added weight on others) so that was interesting. We will see if I am sore tomorrow. A little is good, a lot is not!

I'm getting really excited about our little jaunt to Tempe this weekend. Especially since I found out that one store that I like (that I only see via email) is near our hotel! Who can say shopping?! Anyway, really excited about the fancy-smancy hotel and just having a weekend where we can't do anything. I tried to do everything this weekend that I would next so I don't have to Sunday afternoon.

Back to a little studying between tasks so I can take my test tomorrow maybe...yikes! Not that test! Other test - of the brain! Going to Acu after work and then home to relax while DH takes over the TV for football. Later folks!

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