Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cycle Day #15 - IUI Cycle #1 - The Day After

So yesterday I tried to lay down as much as possible - thankfully I was studying so laying in bed and doing that was alright. However, about 4 pm I had to close my eyes and it didn't help that there was a "hurricane" (okay maybe not, but it sure looked like it - even had to flip on the news to make sure and it wasn't) going on outside. Nothing like nappin' in the rain! No real difference in how I felt except that all day I was very aware of my uterus! ;) I had cramps for a good part of the day, even though I took a Non-Extra Strength Tylenol when I got home at 11 am. So don't know how to classify that. Also, still feeling tightness in my belly and again while I would love to believe it is from my intense ab workouts, it is hard to do that. Although (of course now when I will hopefully cover them in the near future) I am starting to get my first "six-pack" abs EVER! Very exciting and sad all at the same time. Hopefully they will be there after baby comes out, which I am hoping is 9-10 months from now!

BD'd last night per doc's orders and although I love my husband dearly, I will be happy when we aren't "required" to BD anymore and can just BD when we feel like it. This timing stuff isn't very romantic! But we did and then off to bed we went.

Both of us were up kinda early for a Saturday. I was off to Dream Dinners to make a month's worth of dinners and he was off to ride the quad in Sahuarita. So now home for a quick stop before heading to get my hair cut and colored, then home again before out to dinner with friends. Oops, phone ringing. Gotta jet!

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