Friday, August 21, 2009

Cycle Day #14 - IUI (May contain TMI!)

Okay, so will try to detail everything from my morning thus far.

Woke up groggy, had a rough time falling asleep for obvious reasons but finally did. Didn't want to get out of bed, but I did. Got ready to work out and checked email of course, already a couple well-wishers (thanks ladies!). Then headed to the gym.

Walked the treadmill first, then Andrew (my trainer) came up and we did measurements and weight today. I am down 3.5 inches from last month! Lost 1/2 inch in my arm when flexed and Andrew said that means the muscle is leaner and the fat is less! YES! Plus, 1/2 inch on my waist and more, more, more everywhere else! At least I know I can do this! Plus my BMI is down and my % of fat! Rock on! He reviewed what I have done the last month and approved, so we changed things up a bit. Went through the new routine twice and upped some things. Looks good. Then we always sit down for a chat. First, he says, "I want you to know that I am very proud of you. You work hard, you are determined and it shows. You are doing great and you should be proud of you too for your efforts." That means a lot coming from someone so in shape to someone trying to get there, but he said he could see the changes and that made him proud of me! YAY! First good thing of the day!

Then he says that he had seen my status yesterday on FB (Friday is the "MAGIC" day and not just cause it is Friday. If you want to know why, you gotta check out the blog! Happy Friday folks!) and so he says, "I know what is happening today." And I said "how" knowing that I hadn't posted specifics on FB. He said, "what did your status say?" I repeated it. So he winked and said, "I know." I said, "What do you think you know"? He said, kind of shyly, "You go to the place today and you test." I shook my head no. I said, "In 2 hours I am being inseminated." He said, "WOW! That's even better!" So then we had a discussion about how my workouts should change when I get pregnant and both agreed that they really don't need to until they get too hard for me as I have been doing this stuff for a long time and it will all be good for the baby. Obviously will double check with the doc when I get pregnant, but should be good. So he stretches me which is always nice and then I hit the showers for a quick freshen before going to Acu. Quick breakfast that I had brought with me (Lean Cuisine breakfast sandwich and Fuze) and already have a couple more encouraging texts from friends knowing what is happening soon. Hug from Andrew, hug from Christine and out the door I go.

Debi (Acu) had called while I was eating breakfast to let me know she was running a touch late, so I took my time getting to Acu but got there about 8:50 for my 8:45 appt and she still wasn't there. Texted DH to make sure he made the drop, he said yes and would see me at 9:45 am. Debi got there about 8:55 am, but we still had plenty of time. So she does her thing and we talk about what is to come. She lets me rest with the needles in for about 20 mins, meanwhile phone goes off with another text. (I have so many people that love me and for that I am so grateful!). Needles come out, hug from Debi and off we go to the Dr.'s.

Now I have eaten breakfast and drank my full water bottle plus my Fuze, so my bladder wants to burst. Check in at Dr's office, I beat DH back there. And I say to the nurse, "I'm gonna go to the bathroom" and she says, "Dr. prefers you didn't." I was surprised but figured I could handle it. 5 minutes later (maybe 9:40 am) I am walked back to a different room with very soft lighting - something you never see in a doctor's office. I undress from the waist down and get on the table. A minute or 2 later, DH comes in. Maybe 3 minutes after that, Dr. and assistant come in with the "specimen". They show us the tube with our names on it and (get this) ask us if we want to KEEP IT! We both kinda look at each other like, really?! Dr. says it isn't recommended but some people like to keep it. We agree, that no we will not be keeping the tube that held the semen! EW! So we begin.

I get into the same position as we always do at the OB/GYN, and it starts pretty much the same. Speculum goes in (on my full bladder no less). Then he puts the catheter in, then fills the catheter with the sample, then fills the uterus. Waits for any leakage - apparently the uterus isn't that large so sometimes the sample is bigger than the uterus. We were good, and he called it a perfect IUI procedure. I asked if there was anything I "shouldn't" do today and he (comic that he is) says "I would refrain from smoking crack and binge drinking!" Thanks doc! "But you could go for a swim this afternoon if you wanted." I told him I had already worked out and he was happy to hear that. Asked if we should BD tonight and he said yes, and Sat if we felt like it. Asked when I should start the Prometrium again, and the verdict is Sunday night.
He pulled the speculum out and he was done. So then I had to lay there for 10 minutes and wait. Doc leaves and DH tells me what he saw the doc do. (Bladder bursting at the seams now!). We chat for a little bit and the buzzer on the timer goes off indicating I can get up and get dressed.

We walk out of the room after I have all my clothes back on and there is a wall of babies! All the ones they helped with! Hopeful thinking I think! See the doc as we are walking out and I ask when I can test and he says 14 days (which is Sept 4th - my Mom's birthday), but could test as late as 14 days after start Prometrium which is Sept 6th. Then, if it is positive, I go in for blood test and again 2 days later to make sure numbers are moving in the right direction. We'll see. So if I go silent for a few days early September, bear with me. Would really like to know for Mom's birthday! I also ask when I can pee and he says "Now!" and laughs. Apparently, when you pee, your uterus retracts a bit and it is harder to do the IUI! Glad I listened to the nurse.

So go out to pay, and it isn't that bad - thankfully! All told, I think our cost was $645. So not terrible! Hopefully well worth it! The nurse tells me she wants me to call her in 14 days and be joyful! I tell her she will hopefully get a message that she can't understand at 5 am and that would be me! She laughs. I asked if I could take aspirin for the cramps inflicted by the speculum and she says "Tylenol, but not extra strength!" (Note to self!). We leave. DH kisses me twice and goes to work. I get in the car, take a deep breath and think "I am pregnant!". I stopped at Walgreens on the way home to get Tylenol (I'm not messing around with this) and finding NON-Extra Strength was hard. But I do, and I buy some things to make me happy - M&Ms and nail polish. ;) Finally head for home to get some work done.

Now even though the doc said I didn't need to lay down all day, I figure it can't hurt. A friend who had this done a while back said she laid down for 2 days and now they have a little baby boy. So doesn't hurt to listen to her. Going to find some lunch and then lay down to study the afternoon away.

Thanks for all the supportive texts and FB messages and emails folks. I do appreciate them greatly! Hopefully this is the end of our journey, and the next one you will hear about is me being PREGNANT! Thanks and love you all!

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  1. Good luck! I know the next 14 days will be the longest wait ever....


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