Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cycle Day #6 - IUI Cycle #1 - Last day of class

So today was my last day of CFP Income Tax class. Exciting, but scary because that means there is a test in my future. I feel like I made progress today, but still a ways to go!

Took my pills this morning - second to last day. Only different things I am noticing (and could be un-related to them) is tightness in my lower abdomen (could be from working out) that kinda feels like cramps but kinda not and some tummy issues. But thus far that is all. I will say that I am sleeping awfully well, so that is nice.

Just got back from the hospital. One of the guys who DH works with's girlfriend had a baby today so we went to visit. He is very cute and DH actually held him! He doesn't like to hold babies, I fear he is a bit scared. He always says he worries he will "break them" but he did great and I think he actually kinda liked it. He said it was like holding our cat (who will only let him hold her like that)! I said, "well, the baby won't try to scratch you afterwards!" Anyway, very cute! If I figure out how to get the picture off the phone and on here, I will! Time for dinner - at 8:30 pm! YIKES!

Later folks!

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