Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cycle Day #11 - IUI Cycle #1 - WW

So tomorrow we go to Dr. H and have a scan of my belly. Not knowing what we will find, but hopefully it will be whatever the doc is looking for. Should be rather interesting I think!

Weighed in this morning at WW and was down from last week (when I ditched) but up from the week before. Knowing that we ate dinner last night about 8:15 pm because I got home from work at 7 pm, I figured it would be high. But will get it down this week.

On a happy note, I booked a hotel room in Tempe, AZ for next weekend. One of my BFFs from U of A is turning 30 and her hubby is throwing her a little party. DH and I talked about going up and he brought up the idea of just splurging a little and staying in a hotel. Upon which, I remembered we had a ton of air-miles and maybe we should make a weekend of it and just stay in a really nice hotel and have a semi-stay-cation! So I booked us at the Marriott Buttes Resort in Tempe today and now I can't wait! Get to see good friends and family, and have a vacation with my favorite person in the world - my hubby, after what could possibly be a very stressful week (I will probably be inseminated sometime next week). So happy end to a full week I am sure. Now to hit the books. Would be even better if I could pass this test before we went to Tempe and then have something else to celebrate!

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