Monday, August 10, 2009

Day #3 - IUI Cycle #1 - DRUGS!

So today is the beginning of it all! I was ready to workout this morning and get back on track with that, and of course I woke up at 6:33 am, and was supposed to be AT the gym at 6:30 am! So I sat in bed for a while contemplating if I even had time to make it to the gym, work out, shower/get ready, and make it to work on time. I figured I could, so off I went. And I learned there is a lot more traffic at 6:45 am than at 6 am! I don't know what happened to the alarm, or if I was sleeping so well I turned it off (as I have for the past week), or what, but it failed me.

Got to the gym, and only did 15 mins on the elliptical instead of 30, then my regular weight routine and showered and everything, and done by 8:45 am! Just in time to stop off at Dunkin Donuts for my large decaf iced coffee with skim, then got to work right as my boss (my Mom) was getting out of her car. So I made it!

So then had my coffee, bran muffin and my fertility drugs - Levatrol. Yes, today is day 3 so the fertility drugs started today. I don't think I am feeling any effects of them yet - no hot flashes, no fatigue, just a few cramps, but that could be reminants of AF. Levatrol is supposed to have less side effects than Clomid did (which I still blame some symptoms on and wouldn't do again), so here's hoping. I was expecting a big bill when I went to pick up the drugs on Friday, but only got my normal copay of $25. I was elated! Especially when the reciept from the pharmacy said "Price = $144.50, Insurance saved you = $119.50". We had a $500 deductible for non-generic drugs I think, and I am pretty sure we went through that the last couple months with the Prometrium that cost $182 for 2 months worth, and will cost $182 per month for the first 3 months I am pregnant! Hopefully we'll only be paying $25 then too!

Dr's office called - I had called them yesterday to say AF came up and we need to schedule my first Ultrasound for Day 10 or 11 or 12. So it is scheduled for August 19th at 8:45 am. My boss (Mom) knows, the receptionists know, and I texted Jason to ask if he could make it. Got at text right back that said "Yes." Nice to feel support from the hubby. It felt to me like, "yes, of course! No question that I will be there." From then I am not quite sure if I have an ultrasound every day or every other day or never again. But probably around day 16 or 17, I will go back and they will do the procedure. And then we will wait for 2 weeks and test and pray.

So that is my excitement today. Tomorrow's will probably be that I am sore, because as I left the gym after a week off, I was already feeling it! Gotta love workin' out again! I do feel like I have more energy today though, so that is nice.

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