Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Day

So for whatever reason, I am in a great mood this morning and my horoscope that I read (AFTER) I decided this says my good mood is insatiable! I am hoping the list grows, but thus far, here are my reasons:

1) It's Friday

2) I tried on my "skinny" jeans this morning and not only did they FIT, but I didn't have to suck it in to button them, the circulation isn't cut off like it was the last time I wore these and the "muffin top" is GONE!

3) The jewelry I ordered for myself and some people's birthdays, came in just in time for my MIL's birthday tomorrow and my good friend is delivering it to my house today!

4) I had a great workout and even time for a stretch afterwards by one of the trainers!

5) My husband OFFERED to take my truck to work and clean it without me even asking!

6) I found a new game to keep me occupied when I need a little stress relief on FB!

7) I love the new jewelry that my very good friend and her 2 ADORABLE children dropped off today!

8) The workday is over officially, which means the weekend is here!

9) I'm off to the grocery store to buy groceries and the new PEOPLE magazine with the entire (well, except Screech) cast of Saved By The Bell in it (my all-time favorite show)!

10) I'm alive, I'm skinnier and I'm still in my good mood!

Talk about a great day! Love you all!

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