Friday, July 3, 2009


You can stop holding your breath folks, both tests came back negative.

I was really nervous to take them but I did, at 5 am this morning, after another dream that was crazy and this time about babies. I took one and I literally didn't believe it, so I took another to make sure. At one point I even thought I saw a ghost line. So I left them on the counter and went back to bed...and checked them again at 7:30 am, nope...just the one stupid line!

Didn't cry immediately...was actually very calm. However, when DH rolled over and asked if I had tested and I shook my head, and he said, "it was negative?" I lost it. He took my hand and I rolled over to him and he just let me cry. I was so sure this was it. So we begin again.

Well, this will still be a good day...I'm determined. I am dropping my furry baby girl at the groomers, working out, and going for a pedicure with a friend and her daughter and son, then lunch at Eegee's. Pick up the dog, and hit the grocery store to prep for tomorrow's party. Then going to dinner with my parents and Grandma for her 82nd birthday. So hopefully the busyness of it all will keep my mind in the right spot. And I get to have a drink until AF ends, so that is nice.

I was so sure this was it. Never felt this sure ever before. This process sucks!

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  1. Ohhhh...I'm so sorry :(. We'll talk soon and get all caught up on everything that's happened over the last two weeks...


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