Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bummer at WW

So I got up this morning to walk with Sierra and a friend and I always weigh on our scale before so I can forsee what the scale at WW will say. Ours was showing me that I was down 2.2 lbs, which would have put me at 10.2 lbs total! YAY right?

Anna and I go walk with Sierra, then come home and change shoes, get water (because I had already drank my full waterbottle - it was hot out there!) and went to WW to weigh in. Their scale only shows a loss of 1 lb (still good), but only gets me to my 9 lbs, and I've been at 9.4 lbs. I'll weigh on our scale tomorrow and see what happens. I'll bet it is because of all the water I drank this morning! But bummer!

On a good note, next week should be great because it will reflect this week's loss and last week's loss, God willing! Alright, time to hit the showers and get ready for my day!

UPDATE: So after I wrote this, I went and weighed on our scale and it was up, but still .4 under what the WW scale said. So I stripped down out of my sweaty clothes, and got back on and low and behold, it was down 3 lbs, 2 whole pounds more than WW, and .8 more than before our walk for a GRAND total of 11 lbs! So, now, NOTE TO SELF - when return from walk with Anna, change out of sweaty clothes before weighing in at WW! I feel better now, I think!

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