Thursday, July 23, 2009


Okay, if you have read this far, I am hoping you read the title! This post could have some TMI but I need to write this down so I remember today.

Pretty normal Thursday. Slept in (it is my no-workout day), got through all my projects at work, class and then off to Babies R Us to look for a present for a friend's baby shower. Around the time I started to head home from work, I started to have cramps like AF was coming, but hello...I just ovulated this week, so that is impossible! Front and back cramps, not horrendous but painful enough to get my attention. (HERE COMES THE TMI!) Came home and changed, only to find that I had a lot of discharge in my panties, which doesn't usually happen around OV. Took my pill and was still very amazed at what I just described. So I don't know if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. Went down to watch TV and declared dinner a "No WW zone." Didn't eat terrible I think, soup and a cheese sandwich with some milk and cookies for dessert. But I just wanted to curl up into bed and sleep. Sooooo tired! So that is where I am heading now. Hopefully, tomorrow is better and I can go workout in the morning.

Anyone who has been there with these symptoms, please let me know! Have a nice evening!


  1. Hmmm...I don't have any experience with that particular symptom, but I'll be curious to know what the explanation might be. I hope you're feeling better today and still sending prayers your way!

  2. long since the O? If it has been 7-10 days and there was blood, this can be implantation bleeding (aka the egg implanting in the uterus) this is pretty rare though.

    Do you check your CM (cervical mucus) regularly? If this was close to the O, it may be Egg White CM. If it was "strechy" between your fingers and looked liked egg whites, this is good fertile CM. I would get it before the O and sometimes a few days after. Spermies can live in it for a long time.

    I can give you lots more details on CM if you want them. I checked CM as part of my basal charting to figure out when I was ovulation. I also used the clear blue easy fertility monitor.

    As you know...none of that was an issue for us...but it helped me to know my body more.


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