Monday, July 6, 2009

Breaks my heart

So didn't really feel like blogging a bunch yesterday by the time I got to it, but wanted to mention something. Sat, we had a variety of friends over for 4th of July and within those friends, my friend brought her 2 ADORABLE children. My Dad immediately took to her (almost 3-year old) daughter. She had him so wrapped around her finger, and he was lovin' it. They were sitting on the porch swing and he was having the time of his life, as was she. It was so awesome to watch and it also made my heart break. I know he wants a grandbaby - preferably a girl I think, and thus far we can't do it. Watching him with this little angel was magical, because just like he is a great Dad, I know he will make a great Pappy (what I called his Dad). Ava was sad to leave her new friend who swung her on the porch swing and gave her all the watermelon she desired, and my Dad was sad to see her go as well. I even heard my Mom tell Ava's mom that he can't wait to be a Grandpa. Hopefully that time will come soon!

However, everyone is taken with Ava and her little brother, Anthony. They are both just so cute and happy kids! I love being around them and Jason does too. He recounted more than once a story about Ava that day or the next. And didn't flinch when another child put fingerprints on the TV or window. I know he is ready to be a Dad too, and hopefully it will come sooner than later. He also mentions "maybe we need Dr. H's help" and I can tell he is getting frustrated with this situation. But we continue to give it another month or 2 and go forward from there.

We'll get there, just hope it is soon!

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