Monday, July 13, 2009

The game is afoot!

Alrightly, the time has come again! Tomorrow is Day 10 and that means until Day 18, we BD EVERY NIGHT! Hopefully by Day 18, we still want to be in the same bed! That is a lot of BDing and while when I didn't want to get pregnant, it probably wasn't such a feat. Now that so much is riding on it, we can get a little testy! But I have faith that good things are happening in each of our bodies and while we aren't there yet, we will get there. DH is sticking to his "no beer" during the week habit and only a couple on the weekends, so I am hoping that is helping his issues. I'm trying to lose more weight (backtracked last week after the debacle of the negative tests) and now I feel I am back on schedule. We will get this done, one way or another.

Good weekend! Went shopping (on very limited budget) on Sat. Mostly just wanted to walk around the mall and look at pretty things, plus get out of the 111 degree heat!!! I was on a mission for a purse, preferably purple again. The one I had I loved, but I had for so long - since February - and had torn a couple decent sized holes in the front pocket, which I kept losing things into within the purse! Very annoying. So found one at Macy's but was out of the budget, but on SUPER sale and the last one, so I bought it and continued looking. I hit all the majors - Dillards, Express, Limited, Lerner NY, Aldo, and finally Shi. The sales girl was so helpful and when I asked for a purple purse from a high shelf, she not only got me that one but found any other one in the store she could. Finally ended up with one that I love and is different, so I don't feel so bad about buying the "same" bag, and it was about HALF the price of the first one I bought. So back to Macy's I went to return the first purse, and then realized I had some money left in budget for another little something. That little something turned out to be this lovely OUTFIT (skirt, top and belt). Okay, so I went over budget by $10, but not bad for a day at the mall. I think I only spent just under $60 for a purse, skirt, belt, and top! YAY ME! Already moved into the new purse, now just to wear the outfit. I have a jewelry party to go to on Saturday, so am thinking that is where I will debut it. Can't wait!

Sunday was 10x busier than Sat. DH had gotten up at 5 am (and he NEVER does that!) to go quadding with a buddy. I was up at 7 to hit the pool for laps, then breakfast with Dad, back to the mall to see if I couldn't find my outfit in another color (no luck), home to vacuum and steam all the floors - 1500 square feet including stairs, pay bills, update my credit card spending spreadsheet, finish the letters to our HOA residents about the speedhumps, and finally got to sit down and watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and paint my nails. Then pack up for the week and make taquitos for dinner - baked not fried! Yummy! DH was ready for bed at 8:30 pm (again, that never happens) and I got to read for a bit.

Worked out hard this morning - upped my weights again. Then into work. Work was great today. Actually had some time on my hands so I reorganized my office almost entirely. Relabeled all my files, got rid of a bunch of things I haven't needed for 2 years, cleaned the clutter off my desk and I feel great! Purging is so awesome! Now home and get to talk to a BFF who just got home from 2 weeks of European travels! Can't wait to hear stories!

Few loose ends to wrap up so I will sign off now. Have a great week folks and cross those fingers for us! Tomorrow starts the opportunity to conceive this month and I want to achieve it! Pray for us!

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