Thursday, July 9, 2009

The D**M OV Watch

So you may have guessed that the OV watch is giving me some issues, and if you didn't read yesterday's blog, you missed out!

Now we have effectively had 2 days without readings and thus "No Data" popped up meaning that I can't use the OV watch for the rest of the cycle because you have to start on day 1, 2, or 3 and today is day 5! So this cycle is screwed!

I was discussing this with the lady (Val) at OV watch and she has been helpful in that she keeps sending me free sensors (which are about $35 each!) but now the watch seems to be the problem and low-and-behold, it only had a 6 month warranty, which I am VERY sure is up. So her solution was to buy a Starter Kit for $100 which includes a new watch and a sensor, and seeing as she sent me 2 free sensors and I have one left, that puts me good for another 4 months. So not a bad idea. However, Dr. H's office told me if we just BD Days 10-18, we should be fine. And last month the OV watch said the exact same thing! So, is it worth $100 to have the watch tell me the same thing as the Dr? Or should we save that $100 for more important things down the road? At this point I am thinking we save the $100 bucks! So may tell Val we are planning on a break and will revisit the issue in a month or two if we decide to buy another watch. But have to gauge myself in a few days, or whenever this cycle is over.

Now if I could stop AF (again, DAY 5!), I'll be in great shape. At this rate, she may still be around come day 10 and then what do we do?! Why is this so D**M difficult?!

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