Friday, July 3, 2009


So I know I already tested today and it was negative, but I couldn't get it out of my head that the test felt like it was wrong - the main reason I took 2 of them, I didn't believe the first! All morning at the gym, I couldn't shake it that I still didn't believe them. So after I left I called my RE's office and spoke with Nurse Pamela. Told her the situation and asked if I could be one of the few women that would never pop up on a pg pee test. She said it is possible and in fact she was that way, as was another woman that came in today. Turns out it isn't that uncommon. So her advice was to stay with the Prometrium for a couple more days and then test again if AF doesn't show. She said, sooner or later if you aren't pg no matter if you are on Prometrium, AF will break through. But if after 3 days no AF and no positive test, call and schedule a blood test. Also asked how much of a difference three days makes and she said it could be a lot.

So now not sure what is going on. Will continue drug until Monday or AF shows and go from there. However, am having some AF like cramps today that could be Mother Nature's way of telling me to save the stress and know this isn't it. But won't know until AF shows up or another neg test. But I just can't shake that the tests this morning were WRONG!

Went and had my pedicure with Talia and the kids. Ava (2.5 yrs old) had her first pedi and was so cute. She alone makes me want a baby, even when she gets crabby! I love that she knows me and right when I got to the spa she gave me big kisses and was lovin' on me. Nice pedi and then off to Eegee's for lunch...had only had 1 point thus far, so splurged and had fries. Then ran to the grocery store and off to pick up Sierra from the groomer. By the time I got home I was sweating like crazy and a little nauceous, which again could be AF or pg.

DH called (did I mention he is the best?! and I think he was convinced this was our time too because he seemed upset and more consoling than usual) to check on me. I told him what the doc said and he said, "well, lets hope you don't get your period then!" For him to say that word (period) is huge, so I know he wants this! Anyway, keep us in your prayers and maybe this ride isn't over yet.

Happy 4th all!

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