Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last day, last day, last day!

So today is the last viable day this cycle to BD and have a hope that we may get PG sooner than later. We've been pretty good, but timing this is making the process not so fun sometimes. So we hope and we pray. We try mediating, we try cuddling, but BDing under pressure isn't my idea of fun. Spontinatety (I know this is spelled wrong but for the life of me can't make it right!) is where it is at, but we don't have that luxury these days. So we continue.

Had acupuncture yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks (on the new, less expensive schedule) and it was nice. Debi was talking to me after she put all the needles in (including one between my eyebrows) and I must have been furrowing my brow a lot because I popped it out! It hurt when it came out, but it did anyway! Random.

She also gave me a breathing meditation to do before bed to calm me and us for BDing. I convinced (by no small feat) DH to do it last night (it's really just sitting with your partner crossed-legged, breathing into your belly instead of your diaphram) for 5 minutes. I felt great, but his vertigo kicked in due to the candles burning and he got sweaty and dizzy. So next time either do it laying down or with lights off. Not the best jump start to our night, so to speak. We got past that, did our duty (sad to say it that way but a lot of time that is what it feels like) and on to bed.

Walked this morning and was sore from more weight yesterday. Weighed in at WW and while I was down .4 lb, I am still right around 9.2-9.4 total. So need to concentrate this week and do things right, counting every single bite of every single thing I have! Had some time before work so had a leisurely breakfast of Trader Joe's Blueberry Bran muffin (so yummy, and not terrible for points), grapes, and decaf coffee with 1% milk while I watched last night's episode of The Closer, then began work. Now am off to thaw my lunch, take a mini-break and get back to studying before class at 2:30, then WW at 7:30. Then tomorrow, the pills begin again and the praying continues.

Thanks folks, have a great one!

Good quotes!

If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got."

This was on a church billboard "Drive Safely! Not only your car can be recalled!"


  1. GL...one of our friends who went through IF and ended up with two great babies through IUIs gave Joe this advice...

    It is going to get boring and hard...try to channel your inner 17 year old. The one that would have sex at a drop of a hat no matter what. When you are "not in the mood" think what your inner 17 year old would say to you right now if you were saying no to sex. Just do it!

    If you think trying is "un-sexy" I think what we did with IVF is the most un-sexy thing ever :)

  2. I hear ya and I guess I have to think I am lucky that I have a hubby who loves me and thinks I am sexy! I know the IVF is way un-sexy, but it is all done with love right?! And you got what you wanted! Congrats again!


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