Sunday, July 19, 2009

No news is good news?

Nothing really to report since Tuesday. We've been BDing about every other night, every night just doesn't seem to work. This time of the month always seems so stressful. We know we have to BD but that takes a lot of the fun out of it. It ALWAYS ends up that DH is "too tired" and I have to remind him that it is this week or next month! But it gets so aggravating! Anyway, we only have a couple days left, by my count our time for this month is up on Wed. Then the pills start and the praying begins.

Oh, maybe a notable is that we had to take Sierra to the vet on Saturday. Well, DH did. She's been limping on and off and I took her in a couple weeks back to get weighed (she was a little heavy, so they had put her on a diet) and she lost 3 lbs. Anyway, she had been limping then and one of the vet techs said she could have just hurt her paw, but she could also have Valley Fever. And she was the 2nd person to tell me that, so I started keeping real track of when she was limping, for how long and which paw. It stops, then it starts, then it starts, then it stops. So Friday she was doing it again and I couldn't take it. After calling the vet to see what would be done and how much it would cost us, I decided it was necessary. DH came home and agreed, but the vet couldn't get us in for a while, or I thought. So, Sat morning before I went to work out with my trainer, I called again to schedule and they said they could do the test Sat and then we could figure out where to go from there once we had the results. So DH took her in and they took blood, results will be back Monday or Tuesday. Pray it isn't Valley Fever!

Went to a friend's jewelry party on Sat and it was way fun. I didn't buy anything but that wasn't because I didn't want to. Just was having to much fun chatting with people. I did book one to have at our house in October, and that should be fun. By booking, I got a cool ring, but I don't get it until my party! Anyway, I'm now reviewing the catalog and have what I want down to a few, plus a few for presents.

Off to make dinner and then relax and knit before bed!

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